Keepsakes: Claim Your Piece of the Night

Keepsakes embody the essence of nightlife.

When you’re finding new scenes, meeting new friends, hearing new sounds, where do these memories go? The Keepsakes collection preserves DJ mixes, content and visuals witnessed at events organised by The Willow Tree.

66% of funds go to the artists who helped make the night to remember.

Pushing rave culture into the future.

If you’re an active raver, you’ve got a long list of nights attended, but you might struggle to remember most of them. Currently, there’s no good way for us to reconnect with that experience. Phones are killing dance floors, and overproduced videos or virtual worlds struggle to do the unique experience justice.

You may also stumble upon an underground artist who is yet to be discovered by the wider community. You might feel like this artist has a bright future. You may wish to support that artist to help their dreams and vision come to fruition, while proving your support and receive upside in their future success.

Purchasing a Keepsake is a huge show of support, both financially and as a statement. It can help move the creatives towards success by providing them with greater independence; more opportunities to create what they want to create or play what they want to play.

If not for these reasons, do it for the love of the nightlife industry. Keepsakes have the power to relieve promoters and venues of cost pressures, drive creative freedom and inject more authentic experiences into the scene. Benefits and revenues will trickle down to other stakeholders like welfare staff and security guards, while deepening the relationship between nightlife brands and their most passionate punters.

How to Claim Your Piece of the Night

Go to to collect your piece. Note that we use blockchain networks and tools which are designed to have minimal gas fees and in turn, minimal impact on the environment. The NFTs feature the audio of the DJ mix, sped up into a 30second segment, and a custom visual / video created by one of TWT’s visual designers. Each NFT includes exclusive access to a WAV download of the DJ mix available via our discord.

Keepsakes available now!

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