Introducing the Local Chess Club.

Welcome to the Local Chess Club!


Anyone who plays chess or wants to learn


A social + learning chess DAO


Right now


Mostly on the internet, sometimes in person


Chess is hard, playing with friends is fun.

Starting a chess community has been an idea I've had since I've started playing the game. I love that chess brings all types of people together, it is a universal language. Having real connections with people is important and I want more of it in the world. Chess is a great way to do this.

Similar to crypto, chess can pull you into the rabbit-hole. There is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming to even begin. My vision for the Local Chess Club is to be place where you can not only go to improve your game, but have a good time doing it. Whether it is online games or IRL chess meetups, I want to create environments where players of all levels can enjoy the game.

If you love chess or want to learn, it would be great to have you help shape the community.


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