Future Fund – a DeFi solution to current TradFi problems

Future Fund is a cashback-driven decentralized cashbox built on blockchain with a robust long-term investment strategy focused on tech, real estate, and renewable energy businesses on a global scale. Full compliance with European regulations guarantees that all assets remain safe and secure.

It operates as an investment fund but in a decentralized way – Future Fund removes intermediaries as well as offers its customers the opportunity to invest the cashback rewards they receive from various sources.

Photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash
Photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash

Problem 1

The Traditional finance (TradFi) offer of long-term investment products (such as retirement funds or savings accounts) is currently limited in and of itself and riddled with low interest rates and high commissions. Only a small percentage of the world population can afford to hire professional fund managers to generate stable gains from stocks or commodity markets. Such services are beyond the reach of most – if not all – micro-investors. In most cases, their only option is a limited and unprofitable line of investment products on offer at their local bank.



The answer lies in decentralized finance. DeFi has emerged recently with the growing interest around distributed ledger technology (DLT, same as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin). It allows regular micro-investors to benefit from brand new and innovative financial products unavailable on local markets.

DeFi’s key differentiator is that no third parties are involved in transactions – meaning no hidden fees or commissions normally present in all banking and TradFi products. The ‘third party’ in DLT is replaced by an algorithm known as a ‘smart contract’.


Problem 2

People concerned about their future are often limited to a traditional banking/financial offer, which requires them to dedicate time, effort and spare income to gain any meaningful long-term profits from their investment. Growing a savings or retirement account is therefore painful and requires additional income. For many, this is a significant barrier.



At Future Fund, which is backed by one of the European leaders in the benefits business, we’ve come up with a new way of generating spare income to fuel your cashbox. The idea is simple. We all do groceries or buy products online every day. Sometimes, we earn rewards from our purchases via cashbacks. These amounts are relatively small and very often too insignificant for us to notice individually. Yet, if we add up all the cashback rewards collected throughout the year, they turn into quite a significant pile just waiting to be micro-invested. Now imagine if we take all the cashbacks obtained from various sources and put them into into a DeFi cashbox like Future Fund. You’d no longer need additional spare income to grow your savings account and benefit from all the perks that modern DeFi has to offer. It’s a decentralized way of collecting funds coming from various vendors and combining them into a single investment pool managed by professionals at Future Fund.

Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash
Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash

Problem 3

The current state of affairs in DeFi can be concerning. While the technology is developing at a rapid pace – with new products and opportunities emerging every day – decentralized projects seem to lack any foresight – either by choice or due to ignorance. They lack long-term vision, while their investment strategies often stay in the ‘gray zones’ between tech and legal compliance.



At Future Fund, compliance and alignment with global regulations applicable to cryptocurrency financial instruments was the starting point. Running a successful traditional business for the last 8 years allowed us to build our own network of partners who support the idea of creating a DeFi that is fully compliant with European laws. We are working with financial experts and banks. Our key institutional backer holds a bank charter that lets them run a banking institution within the European Union. Our sector teams consist of long-term portfolio managers at the biggest European banks and funds managing assets of individuals and organizations around the world. At Future Fund, they bring all of this experience to all micro-investors in our community.

On top of that, we employ advanced risk management mechanisms on a level required by European regulators.


Problem 4

The recent rise of DAOs in the DeFi space – excluding blatant scams – fascinated a large number of micro-investors with the possibility of growing portfolios rapidly by participating in their investment plans. However, the investment plans pursued by DeFi DAOs are focused only on volatile crypto assets. Some of those businesses will never even reach the stage of CEX listing. While anybody can buy a token, most buyers won’t see long-term profits from such investments due to volatility and a high chance of exit-scams in the cryptospace as evidenced by numerous examples in the recent past.



At Future Fund, we believe that quick wins are too rare and random to build investment strategy around them. Generating profit on any investment in a safe, secure, and stable manner is a long journey that requires high level of expertise. We do this by incorporating our TradFi experience to give our users a guarantee of stable growth over time.

Our investment strategy is built around diversified portfolio of tech companies, startup and crypto, real estate, renewables, and other promising sectors of the world economy. By focusing on the long haul, we can mitigate risks involved with short-term volatility and unpredictable markets. Yet, our product is still based on the blockchain. This way, we aren’t running away from the volatility of cryptocurrencies, combining both in a safe, secure, and compliant way.


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