Up/Down Options Trading is Live on $BFR Trading Pool

Gm Bufferinos!

We are activating the second tenet of our unanimously approved BIP-02 - a BFR-based trading pool.

Besides USDC and ARB, trades traders can open Up/Down trades positions on app.buffer.finance using BFR

Pool Details:

  • Pool Size: 5M BFR

  • Pool Type: POL (protocol-owned liquidity)

POL is seeded by the Buffer treasury. BFR pool liquidity inflows/outflows will be subject to governance once the Buffer DAO is implemented.

Trading Details:

  • Supported Pairs:
  • Payout Type: Dynamic structure to mitigate risk and scale volumes across all trading pairs

  • Payout Ranges:

  • Min. Trade Size: 40 BFR

Trading Fee Distribution:

As mentioned in the BIP 02:

  • 50% of fees will be burned up to a total of 20 Million BFR as per BIP-02, effectively putting BFR at a max supply of 50 Million

A daily token burn chart will be added to the stats page by the end of this week.

  • The remaining 50% will be routed to the treasury to be utilized for Loyalty Program v2.0 and other incentives once live.

Treasury contract address: 0x691FA1d4dc25f39a22Dc45Ca98080CF21Ca7eC64

Please note that the parameters mentioned above may be subject to change in the future and will be optimized based on trading activity. Any changes will be announced in advance.

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