My journey building a custom wheel

This is my first post to start a series of articles detailing the engineering process behind my “little” project to turn a Thrustmaster Open Wheel into a custom wheel with different functionalities. There are more advanced projects out there, but I would like to go into the small details and reason behind the little decisions I had to take in order to make this work.

Thrustmaster Open Wheel
Thrustmaster Open Wheel

Disclaimer: these articles are going to be full of facepalms, stupid design decisions and lot of learning. I’m a noob in many different fields along this project, so you are more than welcome to bring feedback through Lbry platform videos and channel.

The aim behind this is to share some knowledge, test how to use web3 tools like Mirror and Lbry platform and receive feedback about the mistakes I’m making or suggestions about improvements.

Also you may find some ideas, inspiration or maybe even some 3D printing designs that you could use in your personal projects.

I hope you enjoy going through the story and you get some learnings out of it.

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