From Traditional VC Embraces Crypto to Liquidity Trigger Web3 Market: Crypto Review selected articles (Feb 2022)
April 13th, 2022

In the tide of encryption technology, Crypto Review came into being. Initiated by cryptogram venture (CGV)FoF, with the purpose of “providing in-depth value reference for global encryption practitioners”, crypto review is committed to providing meticulous industry insights, the best investment and research practice guidance to encryption professionals and enthusiasts all over the world, And expand the positive impact of encryption consensus on more institutions and the wider population.

Crypto Review is not for profit and adopts the recommendation and invitation system. The content covers: 1. Encryption trends. Pay attention to the technology, management, industry and even macro factors that will affect the behavior of the encryption industry; 2. Overview of the track. Share the latest Overview Research and analysis based on a specific vertical field; 3. Project analysis. Comprehensively and deeply interpret the early dark horse project and star project, and systematically interpret their design concept and mode.

The following is a selection of crypto review articles (Feb 2022)


Go-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, Metrics

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The key difference between web2 and web3 is that the goals, growth, and success metrics of web2 and web3 are often not the same. The author explains how to introduce go to market (GTM) strategies such as Token and new organizational structure (DAO) under Web3 mode, to tell Builders should start with a clear purpose, grow a community around that purpose, and match their growth strategies and community incentives — and with them, the go-to-market motions.

Ask Not Wen Moon–Ask Why Moon

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On February 18, 2022, Sequoia Capital, where the author works, announced the launch of a cryptocurrency investment fund with a scale of US $500–600 million, which is the first industry-specific fund of Sequoia Capital since its establishment in 1972. The news has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Based on what considerations, Sequoia Capital has made a big leap from a traditional first-line dollar fund to try to lead the investment in Web3 and the encrypted world? The author believes that VC, like all biological systems, either evolve or die, while Sequoia Capital is always paranoid.

Right-Click Save #2: Culture is a meme. So are NFTs

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NFT represents digital culture, but the cultural values behind it are different and difficult to measure. The author creatively puts forward the quantitative standard of NFT cultural value, including brand value index, historical value index, imitation value index and wealth display value index. This provides a very good operational idea for the financialization of NFT, which will lead to more NFT market opportunities.

DeFi Gives Financial Privacy — Will Regulation Take It Away?

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Can the government restrict the use of DeFi and force people to use third-party intermediaries? In the context of emerging Web3 technologies, this problem has become more and more important. The author reviews the solutions to historical problems such as the use of contraceptives, the setting of separate car trunk and the video recording of government employees (such as police) in public places, and gives us a hint: some technologies are necessary to protect constitutional rights, so banning the use of these technologies will violate these rights.


Gaming and its coming Web3 emancipation : 10 ideas on how to develop a robust Play-to-Earn economy that is empowered by property rights, income distribution, and capital mobility(excerpt)

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In this report, Folius ventures tries to give 10 design ideas for the economic design of P2E games. Through the in-depth design of multi factor ROI model, foreign exchange reserves and exchange rate regulation, infrastructure and governance tokens, it aims to make the exchange rate more stable, the economic model more sustainable and the game can develop in the long term. These ideas may become the design inspiration of any project interested in the field of GameFi.

Why we are bullish on crypto in India(excerpt)

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For the Crypto market, India’s huge population development potential is well known, but in addition, India has advantages in accepting digital consumer groups, digital infrastructure, strong skilled labor force, local and state support for cryptocurrency and low-cost data rate, It is an important factor to help India take the initiative in the cryptocurrency field in the future. The report comprehensively analyzes the progress of India’s digital technology, Internet and mobile phone hardware, and provides a good perspective for us to understand the overall picture of India’s crypto ecology.

A mental primer to optimize for decision making efficiency

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Investment is a long-term practice. The investment myth of 1000 times To Da moon in the cryptocurrency market is everywhere, but is this really the case? If true, can these myths last? Based on his own investment practice, the author gives sincere and constructive suggestions: “Lucky market participants will come and go, but the ones who focus on the methodology, consistently iterating frameworks and perfecting the process will stand out over time. The seeds you sow today will be reaped multifold in the future.”


Consensus Capital Markets

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From rice to metal, to spices, to oil… Today is crypto. Why do different times create different popular goods? This article deeply discusses the historical context of commodities markets, the importance of decentralized consensus in the digital universe, the economics of consensus production, and what a crypto-native capital market for consensus will look like, and puts forward Alkimiya’s vision: to create a more reliable income guarantee for block space producers and hedge the inherent volatility of block space production.

Blockchain Trilemma 2.0: The GameFi Trilemma

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Since the beginning of 2022, a sports fitness application STEPN has attracted many people, especially sports lovers. It combines the classic elements of Social-Fi and Game-Fi and creatively proposes the Move-to-Earn model. Once the product was launched, it quickly came out of the circle and attracted extensive attention and discussion. Its good market reputation and viral promotion are inseparable from the product team’s in-depth thinking on blockchain Trilemma and the business model. This article is a comprehensive research report before the project is approved. Looking back, we should have new thinking and harvest.

Liquidity is Bandwidth

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This article shares the interesting innovative concept of “Liquidity is Bandwidth”: in the Web2 era, exponential bandwidth upgrading has brought innovation and prosperity in the Internet era; In the Web3 era, the upgrading of Liquidity bandwidth will lead to more amazing innovation and prosperity. In addition, the project has a lot of experience in “how to make a wonderful narrative”, that is, how to make good use of “narrative” to improve the value recognition and product adoption of their own Web3 products, which is worthy of reference for crypto entrepreneurs.

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