January 4th, 2022

This post is a primer on the lottery feature of Hermes Finance.

🎁 Introducing Hermes Lottery : An unexpected gift

Purchasing OHM Bonds from Hermes Finance is the same as buying them from Olympus DAO. There’s no difference in claimable assets, meaning the amount of claimed gOHMs will be precisely the same as those of Olympus DAO’s. However, the core nature of the assets between the two services is slightly different in terms of disposability. Bonds from Hermes Finance are wrapped into NFT’s, allowing users to sell their bonds as well as to hold them. Since the users have more control over their assets, they can quickly respond to external market risks such as extreme price fluctuation.

December 27th, 2021

💡 Basic Idea - Make locked assets tradable

It all started with a simple idea. "Can we not wait for the locked assets to mature?🤔"
Sometimes you would rather want to give up on your position and liquidate locked assets immediately, even if some extra fees come along. The reasons can be different depending on the situation. You might expect sudden vulnerabilities in the market and wish to avoid risks. Sometimes, you might face an emergency and need some cash abruptly. If you are someone who uses leverage, the vesting period can feel like a big burden. Whatever the case is, the need for instant liquidation of locked assets has always been there. In fact, the services in the form of "market-making" or "secondary market" to meet those needs are active more than ever in the traditional finance sector. But how can we bring the same concept into the Defi world? What kind of crypto assets would require instant liquidations? Well, it turns out, the idea could be applied to one of the hottest topics in the Defi scene, the Olympus DAO.