Floor announces $8 million in funding to make NFTs understandable and accessible

Today’s an exciting day at Floor HQ — we’re announcing our founding team, and a round of venture funding that will massively accelerate our ability to deliver on the mission: make NFTs understandable and accessible.

How it all started

Floor started out as a project to help users track their NFTs, built in public with real-time feedback.

This approach quickly captured the imagination of thousands of NFT enthusiasts who joined & supported the project by minting the Floor NFT. Today, 3,500 token holders contribute to the Floor ecosystem which has in turn driven product development as well as discovery and access to dozens of top NFT projects for our holders.

The original tweet:

Floor was the first token-gated iOS app and has championed the model of community development in web3, building a product with a community and for a community.

Announcing our $8mm in venture funding

We believe that NFTs represent the future of digital ownership and will power an immense number of use-cases, ranging from those we know (art, tickets, memberships, financial positions), to uses that we haven’t even yet imagined.

As the use-cases grow, the need for a trusted home to visit, explore, understand and discover these digital assets grows, and the opportunity to provide a simple on-ramp to the world of NFTs is massive. Floor will be that home.

As NFTs take the world by storm, the time to build the preeminent, trusted (and in time trust-less) consumer platform for NFTs is now, and that means moving quickly.

With that in mind, we’re incredibly proud to have raised $8m in venture funding, led by 6th Man Ventures (Mike Dudas, Serge Kassardjian), joined by B Capital, Worklife Ventures, Collab+Currency, Hannah Grey, Crypto.com Capital, Exponent Capital, Eberg Capital, as well as dozens of strategic angels!

We are incredibly lucky to have been able to partner with such inspiring & accomplished investors, and importantly to us — they are all fans and users of the product!

With $8 million to accelerate development, Floor can quickly grow the product beyond just a token-gated community and build new value for token holders, while opening the Floor platform for everyone and moving towards our mission of making NFTs more accessible & understandable for all.

The Floor Founding Team

Left to right: Siddhartha Dabral, Chris Maddern, Christine Brown
Left to right: Siddhartha Dabral, Chris Maddern, Christine Brown

What started as a project has grown to be so much more — and along that journey we’ve found inspiring leaders who bring passion and expertise to accelerate our mission.

Today we’re announcing that Christine Brown (formerly Crypto COO at Robinhood) and Sid Dabral (formerly co-founder at Button) are joining the Floor founding team!

Chris Maddern — Co-Founder & CEO

Chris started building Floor in late 2021 based on his own experience of trying to understand the value and movement of NFTs. Chris had a simple thesis — if you help people understand their NFTs better, they’ll keep coming back and Floor can be the home for users’ NFTs.

Prior to Floor, Chris co-founded several companies including Button ($65m raised, 15 of the IR 50 as customers) after leading mobile at Venmo. Chris is also co-founder of LinksDAO and sits on the Board of crypto research & media outlet, The Block.

Christine Brown — Co-Founder & COO

Christine was formerly COO of Robinhood Crypto where she built the team from 5 → 100 people and oversaw the growth of the crypto business to its position as a primary revenue driver for the company.

Christine fell down the web3 rabbit hole and in doing so discovered Floor. Within it, she saw a whole new way of building in public that drastically changes the model of what’s needed to operate and scale a business. Determined to push forward this vision together, Chris and Christine had to find a path forward and she joined him at Floor shortly after.

Christine holds a masters in Computer Science & has previously been a product manager, operator, and engineer at companies including Google and Udacity.

Siddhartha Dabral — Co-Founder & CTO

Sid and Chris co-founded a business together in 2014 (Button) and have worked together for almost a decade. When it came time to scale Floor engineering, and Sid in the process of leaving Button, he was the obvious choice for CTO!

Sid brings over a decade of experience in building scaled production systems at Button and AKQA for big banks.

With this founding team, we are confident that we have the skills we need to leverage the next piece of news to massively accelerate our progress!

Thank you — we’re just getting started!

7 of the 9 members of the Floor full-time team. From back-left, to bottom-right, Patrick Lewis, Sid Dabral, Chris Maddern, Christine Brown, Corwin Perdomo, Matthew O'Brien, Curtis Cummings. Not
7 of the 9 members of the Floor full-time team. From back-left, to bottom-right, Patrick Lewis, Sid Dabral, Chris Maddern, Christine Brown, Corwin Perdomo, Matthew O'Brien, Curtis Cummings. Not

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been on the journey with us — as a twitter follower, a token-holder, a community builder, and now as teammates & institutional investors.

We quite literally could not have built any product, let alone this product without your partnership, support and guidance.

This is just the beginning of our partnership — we plan to use our new funding to lean in to partnering with our community to build, rather than locking down as a “company”. You’ll hear more about this in the Discord in the coming weeks.

Until then… see you on Twitter — @FloorNFTs, or the Discord!

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