Turn on and tune into the sounds....

Is what I was writing in 2017 when I was still making shitty demos (although I still am I’d hope they slap a little harder than they did back then) and is still what I am writing now…

Lately I’ve found myself wearing a lot of hats musically and I’ve been trying to dive deeper into more niches and subgenres that I really like.

Stuff like Roulé and Crydamoure is just the best when played loud and bassy.

Aphex Twin has some crazy breaks in Syro that make me go mental.

Been loving Mall Grab lately too. He’s a dope producer.

Trying to curate some of that French House/Touch but with a Bossa Nova/Latin Feel to it still.

This is what I’m currently honing in on I feel.

Those syncopated rhythms truly hit the core of a human being and give them that mystical experience of music.

Rhythm is the most primal and pure form of music there is.

Just people banging drums next to a campfire and dancing the night away…

These past years I’ve studied lots of harmony and melody but after hearing some crazy UK Bass House remixes lately, makes me regret not diving in sooner.

Going to be releasing a new track in the coming weeks and want to make it very special and in person so been plotting…

In the meantime I’ve prepared a special mix (my first DJ mix technically lol idk I’ve DJ-ed before but never recorded) for you all!

Really want to emphasize to everyone who’ve shown love and support over the years with my music, it really does not go unnoticed.

Music is truly my passion and in these terrible times of plague and war and who fucking knows what, at least we have our families, our health and our music.

Sending much love to everyone, especially those who need it right now.

This world has become genuinely psychotic recently and I just want everyone to stay safe and cherish this beautiful dream of life….

Once again, thank you for listening….

Until we meet again…

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