The Privacy Series


The cornerstone of personal freedom lies in anonymity. Anon tech isn't just a tool – it's the magician's wand that turns the tables on the puppet masters. Those armed with the monopoly on surveillance, rule-making and banking fear this catalyst, prompting their relentless effort to patch the holes.

Breaking free relies on our ability to enforce our right to anonymity by adopting privacy-preserving tools.

This is rarely discussed, even within "alternative" media circles.

Polygon engineer discusses digital ID and the right to anonymity
Polygon engineer discusses digital ID and the right to anonymity

The Privacy Series

Misconceptions persist that privacy tools are exclusively for the tech-savvy or the criminal underworld, and are quickly disregarded in the face of the slightest technical challenge.

Many still feel uncertain about navigating the landscape of privacy tools, a sentiment heightened by recent regulatory attacks.

Our mission is to alter this perception.

Enrico Bottazzi (PSE) shares his insights on FHE and its potential applications
Enrico Bottazzi (PSE) shares his insights on FHE and its potential applications

Thankfully, many advocates and builders have already contributed immensely in this regard by providing guides, databases and recommendations, resulting in an accelerated shift towards privacy-preserving tech, especially from less technical groups (see Signal, Tornado Cash, Proton, Monero and many more).

Privacy Guardians is addressing these challenges by launching an initiative to share content from a broad spectrum of privacy protocols.

We shall call it The Privacy Series.

Amir Taaki discusses attacks on crypto and DarkFi developments
Amir Taaki discusses attacks on crypto and DarkFi developments

We’ll unravel the complexities of privacy protocols by offering compelling content directly from the teams driving these projects.

Each protocol's team will delve into their fundamental value proposition, objectives, and answer essential - but often overlooked - questions.

Our goal is to achieve several important outcomes:

  1. Expand Awareness:

    1. Provide a broad overview of solutions to privacy-related challenges faced by individuals and organizations.

    2. Shed light on the innovative work of smaller companies contributing to the privacy layer.

    3. Showcase the teams behind these protocols, debunking the notion that privacy is a shadowy space.

  2. Community Building:

    • Draw in new supporters and community members, thereby increasing a protocol’s ability to achieve greater success.

    • Encourage the market to give direct feedback to privacy protocols.

    • Encourage collaboration among teams and become a coordinated force for good.

  3. Challenge the Narrative:

    • Challenge the prevailing narratives around anonymity.

    • Reinforce and devise new narratives to reinforce the value proposition.

    • Examine the advantages associated with anonymity and privacy.


Whether you're a seasoned privacy advocate, a newcomer, or an outsider, consider this your open invitation to explore, learn, and contribute to the ongoing conversation around privacy in the digital age.

Alexis Roussel, COO at Nym, shares his thoughts on the state of privacy in Switzerland
Alexis Roussel, COO at Nym, shares his thoughts on the state of privacy in Switzerland

Just as monopoly holders build powerful narratives rooted in fear and the "common good," we should glean insights from these strategies and reverse them to enforce our right to digital anonymity.

If you are a privacy protocol/founder, and you would like to be featured in The Privacy Series:


This initiative is based on voluntary contributions.

If you would like to support us to continue producing educational content that contributes to a more robust privacy community, you can donate to the following addresses:

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Through this initiative, it's important to clarify that we do not endorse any particular project. No financial compensation has been received from projects for promotional purposes. Our intention is to avoid any misinterpretation of the featured projects as endorsements or financial advice.

DYOR and exercise caution when experimenting with new protocols or tools.

Our goal is to transparently showcase the ecosystem, empowering you to form your own opinions, DYOR and actively engage in the conversation.

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