Project Twelve: Sustainable Tokenomics that Enpowers the Metaverse Realm

This is @Wanngthegang from P12 DreamWeaver Community, today let’s explore some key features and questions:

  1. Why P12?
  2. About P12
  3. Key Takaways from the Whitepaper
  4. Current Active Events

Why P12?

Unique and Safe Tokenomics

P12’s mission is to maximize and protect user’s benefit and safety by it’s strong product and unique tokenomics. In our founder’s @B0yan913 first announcement in discord server, he mentioned that we won’t issue tokens until our products is safe and strong. Looking at the Gamefi industry, we can barely find any projects that are directly or indirectly related to the “Pump and Dump” Scheme, where in P12, is cease to exist. P12 truly manifest the long-term vision of a strong, ever-lasting and healthy community.

Transparent Reward System

P12’s Spectrum System ensure the transparency of it’s reward mechanism. All contribution and community friendly activities will be rewarded and valued. Users should no longer worry about nft whales within the project that hold a big sum of project’s valuable asset that can dump massively and cause a devestating damaged in terms of project’s overall value.

DAO Community and User Reward

In the long run, any badge or token holders will be entitled to vote in terms of regulation within the community and even future direction. Also, 60% of the tokens will be distributed to community members that possess deep contribution to the projects. Users for the first time, is valued and loved by the project, we see our user’s value beyond anything else.

Strong Developer Community

P12 put in enormous effort in developer community and rewards. One of the best mind developers will join the great ventures with P12 and deliver quality games and products within the P12 ecosystem. We are on for the steady growth and clear future visions as a web3 gaming platform.

Developer Reward Badges - Super Rare
Developer Reward Badges - Super Rare

Dedicated Team that brings RESULT

Looking at the vast majority in the gamefi realm, many projects possess strong statement in their marketing side, they deliver promising statements only by making countless deceiving statements and never actually deliver. In P12, you may see many of our DreamWeavers answering and running the community while our project’s core team is busy developing our products. We actually work rather than talk, no braggings and result oriented.

Team Demographic
Team Demographic

About P12

*This section is a paraphrase of P12 Founder @B0yan913 statement in discord server

Who we are

P12 core team members are consist of a group of hardcore gamers that just love gaming. From ex-guild master to esport semi-pros, you may find variety of talanted people assemble to build a amazing platform. The professionality does not end here, our team also possess track records of building famous and leading gaming platforms in the past.

Problems we see

Countless rugpulls and dreadful tokenomics that shame the gamefi industry, these problems does not only exist in minority, but in a major scale. In P12 our founders and visionaries have discovered a unique solution to bring an end to these problems, a healthy ecosystem will be established by their hand.

Future and Vision

We aimed to share 10% of the world’s in-game asset net-value. Having product to be our strongest statement, we envision to be the best gaming community and bring prosperity to our developer community within our ecosystem. Private sale and token sale is not in for the short run as we are getting ready for the world to see the best of our products, which will be strong and robust.

What’s next

We are launching our genesis soul-bound nft airdrop very soon, which consist of stage 1: for the steam devs, and stage 2: for the steam gamers. We strongly encourage referrals and recommendations from our community badge holders, rewards will be huge.

Key Takaways from the Whitepaper

P12 Swap

All tokens exist within the P12 Ecosystem will be swapable in P12 Swap, we will provide massive liquidity by adding as many trading pairs as user need for them to trade and swap freely within P12 Swap. By doing this, there will be a deep bound between P12 and all the projects within.

Delay Cast

All developers will provide initial liquidity for their own coins in the P12 ecosystem. When one is trying to remove the liquidity, the process time of unstaking will be proportionately streched based on the amount that is being unstaked. In plain words: it is very hard and time consuming to withdraw liquidity from the pool, therefore, it is very hard to cast a massive dump on certain coin.


60% of P12 tokens will be distributed to reward booming activities within the P12 Ecosystem. More you contribute and participate in the project, more you will be rewarded.

Active events


reachs level 5 in discord and invites 5 people into the channel using your unique invitation link

Reward: White Badge

Content Creation

Write articles about P12 to the best of your knowledge and get rewarded for quality contents, post it in #collaberation channel in discord to get reviewed.

Reward: White Badge or Green Badge (Based on content quality)

Tweets Promotion

Promote the project in tweeter and get seen by the public, copy our tweet url and send it to #collaberation channel

Reward: White Badge

More events will be available starting next week, there will be more small games that require participation to claim your rewards. Stay Tunned!!

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