Rug Radio Long Range Plan Presentation - August 26th🎙


  • GM GM🌞

  • Introducing our Strategic Advisors

  • Introducing our Long Range Plan (LRP) per the Core Team governance framework (Proposal) with 48 hours of commenting, 72 hours of voting

Long Range Plan📜


  • Revenue (Forecasting ~$1M over 6 months)

    • Partnerships & sponsorships to establish inbound revenues and enable creators

    • Secondary Fees: Royalties via trades of Genesis NFTs on secondary marketplaces

    • Merchandise

    • Project Basel: The largest revenue item, but we can’t talk about it just yet🤫

  • Operating Expenses (Forecasting ~$1M over 6 months)

    • Core Team costs: Salaries, advisory stipends, and events

    • DAO Advisory costs: RugDAO Council stipends

    • Media costs: Articles, video content, website development

    • NFT buybacks

Rug Radio 6 Month Budget (September 2022 - February 2023)
Rug Radio 6 Month Budget (September 2022 - February 2023)

“As a media company, there’s a lot of changes and evolutions that are happening within Web3. The minute that you share a budget, something is going to change about it. The goal is to set a course broadly for what we think is best for Rug Radio based upon the existing treasury and initiatives.” - Mike


Note: Voting closed and the proposal passed on September 1, 2022.

  • Commentary and Q&A will take place on Discourse with

  • Voting will take place on Snapshot; 1 person = 1 vote and need a 60% quorum

  • Need to hold $RDAO in order to be able to vote (convert $RUG to $RDAO on Syndicate)

“This is our flagship vote. This is the opportunity for us to put together out first major proposal and to really lay the foundations for engagement with the DAO.” - Loxley

“From conception, RR organized its framework, including the creation of a “first-of-kind” DAO Council, in order to set it apart from the average DAO offering. Most DAO’s skip this step as it is time consuming and frankly, the hardest path. The majority of DAO’s adopt preset frameworks, meaning – unlike Rug DAO, they are not ground up, community lead DAO’s.” - Mel

The Full Long Range Plan can be found below

Interested in listening to the entire presentation? Check out the recording on Twitter!

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