Introducing 3ID: One Passport for Everything

Saying “you should control your data” has become a cliché. But, despite the number of identity solutions, there still isn’t one that is fully decentralized and gives you novel capabilities that enhance your web3 user experience.

3ID is one passport for everything, everywhere. By turning your blockchain accounts into multi-chain decentralized identities with improved auth, secure messaging, and much more, 3ID will be the only place you need to go.

Today, we are proud to give an early look into what 3ID will offer.

Decentralized Social Profile

3ID lets you view all of your NFT art and credentials from all of your wallets and blockchain accounts in one personal NFT gallery. You can also set your profile, including NFT PFP, and take it with you to your favorite dApps.

Configure your NFT PFP and public profile information once. Encrypt your KYC information and permission access only to those that need it.

Secure Messaging App

3ID allows you to send and receive secure messages over a peer-to-peer network from and to apps and friends without sharing your personal information (i.e., email, phone number, etc.).

Our secure messaging app will be just one app in a universe of dApps. 3ID’s security lets you instantly track and permission applications to your data. You can revoke these permissions at any time.


3ID provides a better auth experience for users and developers.

Instantly track and permission applications to your data. Receive MFA notification when your ID is being accessed. Revoke access anytime.

How do I get a 3ID?

To be able to access your 3ID, you will need one of these amazing 3ID Membership Card NFTs. Join our Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest updates on how you can become eligible to mint.

A better web is coming. Come help us build the future.

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