Your Keys. Your Data.

How 3ID works to resolve all of your accounts to a single decentralized identity.

The Problem: A Limited User Experience

Today, in order to interact with blockchains and dApps, we need to manage multiple accounts in multiple wallets on multiple clients.

We need to manage multiple seed phrases, multiple private keys, move them between different applications, give them aliases, and manage multiple passwords so we can remember which account on which chain is used for which purpose.

Signing messages to login to applications is unclear, potentially dangerous, and requires us to use our wallet browsers on mobile -- a less than desirable experience.

Wallets should work like wallets.

Analysis: Multi-Party Integrations are Hard

For over a year, the team at Kubelt has been researching and developing solutions for digital identity and decentralized application development. Here are a couple of our core takeaways:

  1. As a user, there’s a huge learning curve you need to buy into a brand new, bespoke ecosystem that is too small to provide any short-term value

  2. As a developer, you have to learn new technologies and programming languages with limited features, poor tools, and a frustrating developer experience.

  3. Because of this, builders need to invest time and resources to integrate into a small, complex, unproven ecosystem to provide any lasting value.

As blockchain enthusiasts and software engineers ourselves, we wanted a solution that provides users with self-sovereign identity and control over their personal data with the same, great developer experience we all know and love from our traditional tools so that we can unlock the potential of builders of all kinds.

The Solution: Your Keys, Your Data

This answer seems to be obvious – we need interoperability. Interoperability across all systems, old and new, Web 2.0 and web3, with a single account.

Enter HD Wallets. A single key pair (and seed phrase) compatible with any blockchain, dApp, data service, messaging service, email account, social login, and more. With 3ID, we put the power of HD wallets in your control and allow you to connect or import your existing accounts, too.

Set your profile once for all your applications and accounts. Permission developers to YOUR DATA using encrypted storage APIs backed by IPFS and revoke that access at any time. Chat with your communities, friends, owners, and fellow builders over bespoke, encrypted peer-to-peer channels.

A better web is coming, a web where your data is finally in your control.

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