gm, decentralized profiles

We’re on a quest to put users back at the center of the web. People should control their own data. That’s why we’re launching 3ID decentralized user profiles.

Each profile is tied to a unique 3ID core -- user-controlled encrypted storage. You can configure your core to give you a “hexagon” NFT PFP anywhere, set up your ENS names, and more (and if you don't have an NFT, no worries, we’ll give you a unique one when you join).

Developers can look up your profile using your address or your ENS so that your profile shows up immediately in their app. This makes trying new Web3 apps a breeze – and just like with your wallet you can disconnect your profile whenever you like.

Right now, profiles can be accessed through our REST API using any connected blockchain account or supported name service.

It's as easy as that today, and we’re always adding new features!

To get started with your own decentralized profile, claim your 3ID identity and mint your free early access invite here.

Don’t forget to join our Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest updates on how you can be part of the personal data revolution.

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