I’ve been working on something.

I’ve watched and waited as my closest friends and collaborators have dropped their projects natively in Web3.

Today - I am excited to announce MODERN ROMANCE.

A 5-track project blending sonic and visual worlds dropping over the next 3 weeks.

Listen here and view the magazine at

Modern Romance will showcase activations across Sound, Spinamp, Bonfire, IYK and SuperRare.

Here’s what to know.


I started my artist project ‘bloody white’ in 2017. I was releasing songs primarily on Soundcloud and slowly building a small fanbase.

In 2018 I caught the attention of some major label A&Rs and I was making bimonthly trips to various soulless office buildings in Los Angeles and New York. It was the most validated I had felt since I started creating music, and I hated it. The world I had dreamed of being a part of quickly presented itself to me in all of its ugliness. The people that I met were cold and the conversations were discouraging.

I quickly realized I wasn’t cut from the same cloth as the other artists entering through their ever-turning revolving doors. I couldn’t be the person they wanted me to be. More importantly, I didn’t want to be.

I had been doing things that I hated for three years in attempts to gain traction and was making next to no money. In the summer of 2021 I parted ways with my team and decided to take a break. I had resigned myself to being a delivery driver and accepted the likelihood that my dream job would have to remain a hobby. That’s when I started working with Daniel Allan.  We started working with each other on Zoom every week. At the time, I was delivering burritos for tips and he was mixing songs he hated to make ends meet.

One day during our session he mentioned that he was going to start dropping music NFTs. I vaguely knew what NFTs were in general and the concept of music NFTs was new to me.  I asked him how I could get involved.

The rest is history.  For over a year I have been able to create the art that I want to create. I couldn’t ask for a better job.


MODERN ROMANCE represents a creative turning point for me.

It is the most cohesive and thought out body of work that I have created to date.  With this music and the associated visuals, I aim to provide a glimpse into another world.

As a whole, this project means whatever you feel that it means.

I want you to hear me and to understand in your own way, even if just for a moment.

MODERN ROMANCE consists of 5 songs:

Here’s how it will debut.


MODERN ROMANCE is available on Spinamp, SoundCloud and Audius today.

Following BlockchainBrett's lead, the songs will be released one week prior to the minting date, allowing ample time for listeners to enjoy the music on various platforms before the minting takes place.

Each single cover art features a QR code that links back to its corresponding Sound drop. This gives the listener a direct way to explore the song’s collectible counterpart after hearing the track.

The Web3 rollout will be broken into two parts - music and visual art.

Part one will focus on music.

Part two will focus on visual art.

Here’s how it will work.


It starts with a 5-day open edition for RUN to build anticipation for the rarer mints.

On Monday, one new track will be available to collect per day.

  • Wed - RUN - Open Edition - 0.003 ETH

  • Monday - BODY - 100 Editions - 0.02 ETH

  • Tuesday - BLOOD - 50 Editions - 0.03 ETH

  • Wednesday - CRUSH - 25 Editions - 0.1 ETH

  • Thursday - PRAY - 5 Editions - Auction

These drops will be described more in depth next week.


On April 3rd, [M-R] MAG will go live.

The 16 page physical magazine paints additional color and life for each of the songs in a cohesive vision.

Each physical copy comes with an NFC chip, giving collectors access to BTS footage from MODERN ROMANCE.

You can preview [M-R] MAG on

Produced in partnership with IYK - [M-R] MAG will be minted as a 5 day open edition at 0.03 ETH.

Each [M-R] MAG entitles the collector to a physical copy, estimated to ship ~3-4 weeks after the collection finishes minting.

A free mint of [M-R] MAG is available to all collectors of CRUSH and PRAY.

Lastly, I’m proud to be making my SuperRare debut with a 1/1 MODERN ROMANCE art piece.

More details on the SuperRare drop will be shared on April 3rd.


I hope this project makes you feel something, anything.

For the latest info and updates, join the collector chat.

We’ve got a lot to cover over the next few weeks - so stay tuned.


   - bloody
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