Introducing: Artie TV

Fellow Artiezens! By now, most of our Season 1 holders have burned their Granny’s Multi-Dimensional Mystery Jar v1 and own at least one (or more) of each of the following: a Granny’s Multi-Dimensional Mystery Jar v2 (to be opened at a later date), a Green Granny Disk or Junkyard Disk for our Season 2 mint, and an Artie TV.

TL;DR: With Artie TV, we’ve created the first-ever web3-native broadcast and content distribution channel to reach our community directly via the blockchain.

While many of us recall the promise of the free and open internet of the mid-to-late 90s, things certainly changed in the early 2000s when a small handful of innovative tech companies became the new, de facto conglomerates and purveyors of culture. They disrupted countless industries, but none more perhaps than media and entertainment. 

In many ways, they’ve come to represent the TV Networks and Film Studios of the modern internet and smartphone era. More specifically, we use merely a half dozen apps and consumer products for both distributing and consuming video content. But over the years, incentives between big tech, and all of us, their users, have become increasingly misaligned. The collective feeling is we’re just the product (data) for advertisers (their customers). 

We yearn for a more transparent and equitable content experience. One where we take our power back as creators and consumers, with no preconditions. 

This is why, over the last three years, we’ve developed technology that enables us to bring high-quality games directly to players via the mobile web on social media without the need for app downloads and without the interference of middlemen. With Artie TV, we now have that same opportunity with video.

So, when we have a new game trailer, interview-style or animated show, or any other video content of note, we’ll debut it first via Artie TV. This doesn’t mean we’ll immediately stop using web2 channels, but as our audience grows, so will the viewership on Artie TV. As a result, we’ll become less reliant on third-party social media and content platforms over time, which means more transparency and no outside interference.

“There’s definitely something coming through” - Wonka

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