Everything New In Artie Season 2

Artiezens! Artie Season 2’s mint day is coming up on 10/20, so we wanted to give newcomers (and day-oners) a primer on all things Season 2 ahead of the big drop.

TL;DR: there is a TON to be excited about. But for those looking to dive into the details, let’s break it down.

This season we partnered with LA-based artist Junkyard and LA and musical artists Take A Daytrip on the “I’m Already Dead Collection,” which includes 6 character types and two 1 of 1’s (more on this later).

We have also introduced some fun new elements, including Auras, Blood Types, Granny’s Multidimensional Mystery Jar, Artie TV and a new highly coveted Artiefact trait that enables you to claim a premium collectible IRL.


Season 2’s bone-chilling Junkyard characters have crawled out of the Cryptocombs and clawed their way into the Artieverse. Meet the goon squad - though we highly suggest not getting TOO CLOSE.


An aspiring comedian, the funniest thing about Slyquil is their blind belief in themselves. Rumor has it, they’re more likely to get arrested than to get a round of applause.


This nomadic biker loves watching bar fights and playing with matches, but just can’t stand the Grannies. Converse with caution—we hear they’ve got a knack for turning good Artiezens bad.


Names can be deceiving, but not in this case. This loud-mouthed, boundary-crossing maniac probably wouldn’t mind a tooth mark or twelve—especially if it scored them any extra attention.

Dream Eater

You may have seen Dream Eater before. You know, when you wake up in the middle of the night, can’t move, and notice something terrifying in the corner of your room? Might want to invest in a nightlight.

Lil’ Oozy

Got beef with a particular antique shop owner? Let Lil’ Oozy loose and enjoy the wreckage. Now stopping them? That’s a different story. Word on the street is, they can’t feel pain!


McBoil might be a bully, but at least their Dad’s not super rich or anything! Oh… wait, he is, and that’s all they talk about. Word of advice—when the temper tantrum starts, put in some ear plugs.

Killa Smile

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t trust this one. Even if they can be incredibly convincing. I mean, who knew 2+2=5? Not this Artiezen! If you’ve got any leftover roadkill to offer, they might decide to leave you alone.


Like most needles you see on the street, you’ll likely find this blood-thirsty creature lurking in dark alleys. Those with fresh tats, beware, Needles is known to suck them right off the skin!


The Grannies take family tradition seriously. That’s why they’re including one of their most treasured possessions, Granny’s Heirloom necklace, in 20 random NFTs this upcoming season.

If you’re lucky enough to receive this special Artiefact, you’ll even be able to request one to be delivered to you IRL!

Note: not a representation of IRL necklace
Note: not a representation of IRL necklace


In Season 2, every unique Junkyard character you collect could have one of the five following Auras added to its visual attributes:

  • Sigil Spark (Power Level 1)

  • Flickering Flame (Power Level 2)

  • Roaring Fire (Power Level 3)

  • 4th Degree Blaze (Power Level 4)

  • High Voltage Inferno (Power Level 5)

Blood Types

There's a new lore element associated with each season 2 character: Blood Types. Currently planned as a season 2 exclusive, a total of 40 different blood types describe the evil powers the characters possess.

Here’s the terrifying list in full:

Bloodthirsty, Undead, Putrid, Ghostly, Two-faced, Sinister, Looming, Shaky, Brooding, Wicked, Evil, Unholy, Gruesome, Grisly, Hideous, Unnatural, Heinous, Scandalous, Depraved, Foul, Despicable, Nefarious, Ruthless, Diabolical, Charming, Egregious, Unnatural, Greedy, Triple-Fanged, Biohazardous, Outspoken, Vengeful, Shady, Eerie, Unnerving, Chilling, Ghoulish, Macabre, Ominous, Lawless

Granny's Multi-Dimensional Mystery Jar

Sometimes, the Grannies like to play favorites to loyal holders. This season, Granny 420 baked some goodies and locked them inside Multi-Dimensional Mystery Jars that were airdropped to all Season 1 holders. These jars contained special disks that will allow anyone in their possession to access the exclusive priority mint before the public mint. A green disk can be used to obtain one (1) Junkyard NFT at .1 ETH mint price, and the Junkyard Disk is good for one (1) FREE Junkyard NFT.

If you’re new to Artie and want to access the exclusive private mint, you can head over to Granny’s Dispensary on OpenSea to snag one of the disks mentioned above, or a yellow disk, which is good for one (1) FREE S2, S3, or S4 NFT (one time use).

The jar also contained a game-changing Artie TV! We have more news coming on that later, but think of it as a way for Artiezens to check out exclusive content, distributed directly on the blockchain.

Now that you’re all caught up make sure to give us a follow on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date with all things happening at Artie.

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