The Infinite Machine Movie & Collection 2nd Mint Analysis

We have successfully concluded the second mint of The Infinite Machine Movie & NFT collection. 1834 NFTs were minted by the community at a fixed ETH0.15 price, for a total consideration of ETH244.85. Whitelisted wallets were able to during a 12 hour window and the public sale lasted 24 hours, after which minting was closed.

As of today, some 4152 NFTs have been minted of 10499, 39.54% of the collection, raising a total of ETH412.75. We consider this figure to be a tremendous success at such and early stage of our long journey, especially considering that no movie related announcements have been made.

These two pre-sales have had a fixed price format. Third sale may not necessarily follow such system.

Rarity Distribution
Regarding rarity distribution, figures are consistent with the previous mint (you can find the first analysis here), and all stand in the 20% region.

Movie Meta traits distribution between first and second mints can be seen in the accompanying chart:

Source: WAGMAM
Source: WAGMAM

White Meta Frame distribution between first and second mints can be seen in the accompanying chart:

Source: WAGMAM
Source: WAGMAM

Minted Originals Of the 36 Originals (1 per artist), only 12 have been minted (33%). There still are 24 Originals to be minted.

Source: WAGMAM
Source: WAGMAM

As of today the market looks quite healthy with some 1.500 wallets holding our NFTs, for an average of 2.8 NFTs per wallet, which we consider to be quite a healthy distribution, away from whale control at this point.

Regarding price action, it has remained relatively stable in the mint price region at ETH0.15, with only 10 pieces for sale below mint price, which is good news and indicates that expectations are high and the number of “flippers” is low (flippers usually have a high impact on post-mint price deterioration). Price for Full Visions seems to have stabilized in ETH1.

Beyond the general floor, floor per rarities known at this time are as follows.

  • Top Right Corner White Frame Floor: E0.24
  • Top Left Corner White Frame Floor: E0.495
  • Full vision Floor: E1
  • Artist Original Floor: E11 (Only 1 for sale)

Wrapping it up
In general terms both sales have been positive and have allowed the project to rally organic interest from the community without the need of influencer marketing. We believe the quality of the community being built around the project, wallet dispersion and the organic nature of such collector community are very positive and provide a solid foundation upon which to build a historic long term project to produce the movie and beyond through the upcoming DAO.

We remain bullish, fully committed, and look forward to start sharing details on the movie front, and structure and dates for the third mint in the following weeks.

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