October 19th, 2022

The strategy BNB AI LO ( BNB AI Long Only) is a long-term strategy that follows the uptrend (i.e. long positions) on BNB based on a daily signal. The objective of the strategy is to capture positive trends on BNB, which is enabled by its ability to participate in market upside while switching to neutral during periods of downtrend.

BNB AI LO combines 3 strategies, two medium-term and one short-term on BNB (BNB-USD). The first two are medium-term tracking strategies, one of which is weekly and the other daily, they trigger a buy signal when the price is above a trend indicator. The third strategy is contrariant and buys the crypto when its price is oversold. The weekly & daily signals are monitored based on moving average and slope indicators in a specific window over time.

Happy Trading !

- Shprd -

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