World of "Oro"
June 10th, 2022

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The mystical world of “Oro” was once a flourishing oasis cherished dearly by its divine inhabitants, yet after enduring aeons of devastation and chaos brought about by an age-old conflict, even the ever-prosperous land of “Oro” could not escape its treacherous fate, and ultimately succumbed to the perils of war, a war that could only be brought to a staggering halt by the sudden burst of energy unleashed during the anomaly of the great “Sealing”. It was as if everything on the land — and even “Oro” itself — had been turned to stone and sealed away in time.

This is only but the very beginning of an epic legend about to unfold. “Oro” is trying to communicate with our world, searching for the intrinsic connection that can awaken the potent energy within each warrior and bring them out of their eternal trance to restore “Oro” to its former prosperity once more.

Follow your inner voice to ignite your connection with these legendary warriors and become one of the first “Seekers” to venture across “Oro’s” celestial grounds. The “Seekers” of this newly awakened world will go on to exist, explore and congregate together, demonstrating their god-like abilities and unwavering loyalty in an ultimate quest to uncover the truth behind  “Oro’s” cryptic anomalies one piece at a time.

Let us now come together and lay our souls bare, in order to find the ethereal connection between our world and that of “Oro”, so that we may finally awaken the legendary league of “Seekers” waiting for our call!

Warrior draft
Warrior draft
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