Semper partners with Ledgy

We are excited to announce our partnership with Ledgy!

Semper and Ledgy share a common mission: making ownership real for the teams behind iconic companies. 

Over the last decade, team ownership has increased substantially. The most people-centric companies now reserve around 20% of all equity for employees, up significantly from five or 10 years ago. 

But ownership is still broken. From grant to exit, equity is too complex to handle for companies and too opaque for team members. 

Semper and Ledgy are partnering to fix ownership for good.

With Ledgy, international teams can seamlessly manage equity for all their stakeholders, handling everything from employee stock option grants to investor reports.

With Semper, team members no longer have to wait until an exit to unlock the value they are creating. Semper partners with fast-growing private companies to run recurring end-to-end secondary transactions on their behalf, through their Team Liquidity Programs

Together, Semper and Ledgy are giving companies and employees full control over their equity, helping companies attract top talent and rewarding employees for their efforts. 

Semper will use Ledgy as its preferred partner for captable management, while Ledgy customers will soon be able to request liquidity via Semper directly within Ledgy’s product. 

We’re excited to make a difference for companies seeking a more dynamic way to manage ownership as they scale. 

If you have any questions about managing equity, team liquidity, or anything else, you can contact Semper on Twitter (@MeetSemper) or email ( or Ledgy on Twitter (@Ledgy) or email (

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