Announcing Protecc

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After months of building & research, we’re finally coming out of stealth mode.

Protecc is a dedicated ecosystem partner & liquidity provider initially focused on bolstering NFT liquidity + facilitating growth operations through a variety of NFT financialization protocols. Protecc’s first aim is to be the go-to Market Maker for the NFT Landscape.

Why exactly is this needed you might ask?

We’ve seen the space grow at breakneck pace over the last year and have realized that as NFT utility grows and this niche market matures, in order for the NFT vertical to scale to new heights, there needs to be deeper innovation and focused liquidity. DeFi has shown that liquidity is ultimately king, but when operating in a realm where attention is king, with a lack of liquid markets built around this attention, can lead to many pitfalls and great barriers to entry for institutional capital to speculate and create.

liquid bags are gud bags.

We come from a heavily focused DeFi background and believe NFT’s in their various forms, such as CC0, on-chain, generative, and endless more are here to stay. We have seen the beginning of the convergence of NFT’s & DeFi, and are here to usher in the new era of this never-before discovered space, and are here to not only support market liquidity, but to grow the space as a whole, right alongside you, the builders, as builders.

Whether you're a budding NFT collection, an existing matured collection with a highly developed community, building out NFT Finance infrastructure or anything in between, we'd love to hear more about what you’re building, and work with you.

Feel free to contact us via email at or, our DM's are open.


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