MetaBox Christmas Event - 4

Welcome to the MetaBox Christmas event! 🎁🥳

During this event, we will be introducing the plans for MetaBox V2. Follow us to stay updated and participate in upcoming events!

The Design Philosophy of MetaBox V2

The design philosophy of MetaBox V2 is to be a personal data sovereignty space.

In the MetaBox, you can store any data you want, which can be encrypted or stored directly in the MetaBox. With strict access controls and encryption, no one except you has the right to access or manipulate this data, establishing true data sovereignty for you. In MetaBox V3, when combined with Web3 financial tools, data sovereignty will be the biggest difference between MetaBox and Web2 websites:

the true freedom and right to manage your own data guaranteed by smart contracts.

The Box model in MetaBox:

In MetaBox, the Box serves as a data container that can be transferred and shared. This will expand the use cases for MetaBox: you can choose to use MetaBox as a private data sharing space for a group of people, or sell the Box to others. MetaBox already supports these features.

MetaBox multi-chain storage:

MetaBox currently supports IC storage, which has good flexibility and programmability, features that other storage infrastructure does not have. We will prioritize optimizing and better supporting IC storage, and gradually open up support for third-party storage platforms to users. In the MetaBox V2 version, you will be able to use different decentralized platforms to store your data.

MetaBox V2 will continue to innovate and optimize in the core function of storage. By the end of MetaBox V2, you will be able to enjoy a more secure, convenient, and high-performance data storage experience.

MetaBox can function as a private cloud storage for protecting personal data, or as a Web3 data creation platform, depending on how you use it.

MetaBox B2B Cooperation

MetaBox will support multi-chain storage and payment interfaces, becoming a decentralized multi-chain storage aggregator. We will consistently support decentralized storage platforms such as IPFS, Arweave, IC, ETHStorage, and more. Through MetaBox, you can easily choose the platform that best fits your decentralized storage needs and pay storage fees.

Event Plan🎉:

We have completed and distributed scores for the first two events so far. The scores for the third event will be released within 24 hours.

Scores can currently be transferred, but due to the activity plan, we are unable to provide an official trading system for this event. If you need to trade your points, you can choose to do so off-exchange.

During this event, we will launch the ICP prize pool raffle and the Score exchange for Boxer Avatars.

Rules for the ICP prize pool raffle:

You can choose to send ICP to the provided address, with each 0.5 ICP earning you one raffle chance. You can win either a Boxer Avatar or an OG Avatar.

The probability of drawing the Boxer badge is 10%, and the probability of drawing the OG badge is 0.5%.

When the number of lottery draws reaches 10 times, you will definitely get a Boxer.

In the fifth event, users who have a Boxer Avatar or an OG Avatar will be able to split the prize pool, with the exact amount to be announced in the fifth event. [MetaBox official will not charge any fees from the ICP prize pool and will add to the base pool. Have fun!]

  1. Here is the account you need to transfer to ICP.

  2. Here you can see the number of ICPs you have recharged for the event, click the refresh icon to get it again.

  3. Here you can see the number of times left for the lottery.

  4. Here is the number of times required for a guaranteed prize in the lottery.

Score exchange for Boxer Avatars:

You can use 20 Scores to exchange for one Boxer Avatar.

  1. The maximum number of Boxers you can redeem

  2. Enter the number of Boxers you want to redeem

  3. Remaining Boxer / Total Boxer

  4. Remaining OG / Total OG

  5. The number of ICPs accumulated in the prize pool

Avatar release:

Boxer Avatars and OG Avatars will be allowed to be released in the fifth event, and the transfer of Boxer Avatars and OG Avatars will be enabled.

Please note that these Avatars are considered symbols of the MetaBox community and will be mapped to NFTs in future versions of MetaBox, with certain privileges for functions and activities🔥.

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