MetaBox Christmas Event - Task 3

Welcome to MetaBox's Christmas Event 3!🥳

In this task, you will be introduced to some of the features of the Box in MetaBox. You will experience the sharing and transferability of the Box. This will be an important foundation for MetaBox's future integration of the Box with NFTs.🚀

This is the final event in the Christmas events to distribute scores.

Task 3:

  1. Share one of your Boxes with the user with the user ID "metabox_task3"[note: We will randomly accept Boxes from some Boxers and send out some small surprises.] (2 scores)

  2. In a previous event, you should have created at least 1 Box. Upgrade this Box. If you have not created a Box, you will not be able to complete this task. (1 score)

Task 3 tutorial:

1. Share your Box with the user with the user ID "metabox_task3" :

[2 scores]

Right-click on the Box you want to upgrade, then click on the "Share" tab in the pop-up window.

After clicking "Share", in the pop-up window:

  • In the "Who" field, enter the user ID of the person you want to share with: "metabox_task3"

  • In the "Remark" field, you can write a message or note to the person you are sharing with.

The person you shared with will see the information about your shared Box in their "My Messages" section. After they have processed the request, you will receive the result in your own "My Messages" section.

You can cancel a share with someone in the "Manage" section:

2. Upgrade your Box:

[1 score]

On your homepage, you can see your list of Boxes, with a "Version" column. You can click on "Upgrade" in this column.

This upgrade mainly optimizes the use of memory.

A pop-up on the homepage will show you the main information about this upgrade. Click "Confirm" to begin the upgrade and wait for it to complete.

Q & A🙋

Will the upgrade cause my data to be lost?

Future upgrades have been tested and evaluated internally and will not cause any loss of your data.

Who can upgrade my Box?

In MetaBox's smart contract, only you can upgrade your own Box.

What happens if I don't upgrade?

If you do not upgrade your Box for an extended period of time, you may not be able to use MetaBox. We strongly recommend upgrading your Box. In MetaBox's future plans, MetaBox will eventually be controlled by a DAO and every upgrade will be audited and approved by the community.

Activity scores:

  1. Scores will be open for trading at 9:00 PM US Eastern Time on December 19 (2:00 AM UTC on December 20). You can specify a user's user ID, the number of scores you want to sell, and the total amount of ICP you want to sell your scores for.

  2. Scores will be used in the fourth event to synthesize Boxer Avatars or draw OG Avatars.

Upcoming event preview:

  • In the fourth event, we will hold a lottery for Box Avatar and OG Avatar eligibility, as well as an ICP prize pool.

  • In the fifth event, we will distribute and draw Box Avatars and OG Avatars, and hold an ICP lottery.

We hope our events will bring some warmth🔥 to your Christmas in this bear market, and thank you for your support of MetaBox.❤️

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