MetaBox Christmas Event - Task 2

Welcome to the MetaBox Christmas event!🎁🥳

This task has the potential to earn you the most scores of any of the five missions. These scores will be converted into event assets for use in future events.

Through this event, you will learn how to use some of the core features of MetaBox. Participating in this event is a great way to familiarize yourself with the platform and unlock valuable rewards.🤩

Task 2 instructions🔥:

1. Top up the account with ICP and create a Box.

(If you have not created one before, you need to create two Boxes) [15 Scores]

The cost is not high and we will record the created user.

Top up the account with a certain amount of ICP. The minimum value is shown in the screenshot below:

You can choose to buy ICP from the exchange and top up directly to this account, or credit ICP to this address using the NNS wallet or another wallet. Your future Box creations will be automatically debited from this account.

Each account has one free Box creation credit. If you are signing up for MetaBox for the first time and wish to complete this task, you need to create two Boxes, the first one for free.


  • After clicking on 『Create Box』, the following page will appear:
  • Copy the displayed account address and transfer the specified amount of ICP (Note that the amount of ICP required may fluctuate slightly over time.)to this address. You can choose to top up with a larger amount of ICP at once, and the cost of creating a Box will be automatically deducted from this amount next time. (Why is there a fee? Please see the Q&A below for more information.)

Retweet the tweet and comment on the link to your plaintext file under the tweet.


  • We will guide you to upload a plaintext file.

    Currently, only plain text files that are set to "public" can be accessed directly via URL.

    When uploading, make sure to select "PlainText-IC-Public", otherwise you won't be able to access the URL.

  • Right-click on the uploaded file, click "Share", copy the "File Link", and then comment your UserID and the file link in the comments of the MetaBox tweet for this event.
  • The FileLink example is as follows:

3. Use MetaBox to upload a encrypted file and share it with the account with the UserID specified in the activity instructions. [12 Score]

We will verify whether you have completed this task using this UserID.


  • In this guide, we will show you how to upload an encrypted file. Please note that the maximum file size for encrypted files is currently 100MB. Follow the steps below to learn how to upload your encrypted file.

    Encrypted files have a very high level of security. We have implemented multiple security measures, such as transport layer security, permission access, and key encryption, data encryption, and storage obfuscation, to ensure that you can confidently store your private files in a Box.

    Encrypted files can be encrypted and shared using MetaBox's secure key sharing system, which also has multiple security measures in place. You can be confident that your encrypted files are well protected when shared using this system.

  • Next, right-click on the encrypted file that you uploaded and select "Share" from the menu.

    Explanation: "Own" indicates that this is a file that you have uploaded. The 🔒 icon signifies that the file is encrypted or private. By default, encrypted files are private and can only be shared through MetaBox's secure sharing feature. This means that the file cannot be accessed directly using an HTTP URL.

  • Once you click on "Share", a pop-up window will appear.

    In the "Share to" field, enter the UserID "metabox_activity". This is the UserID that we will use to verify that you have completed the task.

    In the "Remark" field, you can enter any additional information that you want to share with the person you are sharing the file with. Note that this field is optional and you can leave it blank if you wish.

Once filled out, click Confirm to finish sharing.

To earn scores, complete one or more of the following tasks

  1. Submit a link to the tweet you commented on in the Google form (the link will be at the bottom of the article)

  2. Fill in your UserID in the Google Form (we will automatically check if you have shared a secret message and created a Box using your UserID)

You can earn 37 scores by completing all three tasks. Note that you do not need to complete all three tasks to earn scores; you can earn points for each individual task that you complete.

Q & A 🙋

Why is the upload limit 300M?

MetaBox uses parallel requests to improve upload speed, but the limitations of IC edge nodes prevent us from sending too many requests at once. Additionally, sending a large number of requests without pause could be considered a DDOS attack. There are also technical limitations that currently prevent stable large file transfer.

We are constantly searching for solutions and have already found some success in uploading large files. We will increase the upload limit and continue to improve upload speed as soon as possible.

Why is the maximum upload limit for encrypted files 100M?

Encrypted files have the same problems as regular files when it comes to uploading, but the added security of encryption can make the process more resource-intensive.

This can cause a browser to crash if the file is too large.To avoid this issue, it is common to use a client to upload encrypted files and technologies like WASM to handle the encryption process. We are currently working on solutions to increase the maximum limit for encrypted file uploads and will implement them in the near future.

Encrypting files is a key part of MetaBox's functionality, and we will continue to improve and enhance this feature.

Why is there a fee for creating a Box?

The MetaBox project is still in its early stages and is not currently financed. This means we cannot currently afford the ongoing cost of supporting a large number of users, which is one of the main reasons for the fee.

Currently, the ICP consumed to create a Box is not charged by MetaBox, but is the minimum fee required to create a Box. Because of the unique nature of MetaBox's large storage space, Boxes are generated on random subnets and currently the only way to create a Box is through ICP.

MetaBox does not currently charge any fees to create a Box and has no plans to do so in the future. MetaBox is not a simple decentralized cloud drive application and we will explain our vision and plans in upcoming events.

Will the fee for creating a Box change in the future?

The amount of ICP currently charged by MetaBox will be adjusted slightly based on changes in the ICP-Cycle exchange rate. We will not adjust this fee unless the ICP network increases this part of the fee.

Google Form:

A preview of the role of scores in future activities🎉:

  • Scores will be converted into assets that can only be used for this activity in the next event.🚀

  • Scores can be used for future raffles and prizes.🎁

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