MetaBox Christmas event - 5

Welcome to the MetaBox Christmas event! 🎁🥳

This fifth event is the last event in the MetaBox Christmas series.

Event summary:

Through this series of events, we have established a preliminary community for MetaBox and have conducted some pressure testing and user testing of the MetaBox DAPP. We appreciate the support of our community partners throughout the series of events, as well as the recognition of the IC community for MetaBox. We will continue to move forward according to our RoadMap in the future to achieve our ultimate goal.

We are still an early stage project and there are many imperfections. Therefore, we need to continue to communicate with the community to make MetaBox a truly usable and community-satisfying application in the future.

MetaBox is opening up community member applications to become MetaBox early community ambassadors:

You can choose to become an early community ambassador for MetaBox, maintain the MetaBox community, use MetaBox's upcoming products in advance, or suggest improvements to MetaBox products to help us become better.

Community ambassadors will be able to get an OG Avatar for free and will receive more financial benefits from MetaBox in the future.

We hope you:

  1. Are proficient in English

  2. Are familiar with English/non-English language communities

  3. Understand the vision and philosophy of MetaBox and are willing to progress with MetaBox for a long time.

If you are willing and enthusiastic, please fill out this form!

Other events:

On December 23 P.M. EST

You can participate in the following activities on the MetaBox DAPP activity page:

  1. If you have a Boxer Avatar or OG Avatar, you will receive a certain amount of ICP as a Christmas gift, which comes from the MetaBox raffle pool. MetaBox will not charge any ICP from the pool.

  2. you will be able to reveal your OG Avatar or Boxer Avatar , and you will be able to transfer your OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar.

  3. We will burn the OG Avatars that have not been claimed yet and award a portion of them to the community who helped MetaBox during the MetaBox Christmas campaign (the exact list will be revealed on twitter at December 23 PM).

Thank you for your participation and support. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Q & A:

When will the OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar raffle stop?

The raffle pool will be closed at the end of this event: December 23 at 24:00 EST

When will the OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar be minted and allowed to be transferred?

Since the raffle pool is still open and new users are still participating in the raffle, we will enable the minting of OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar and allow the transfer of OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar at the end of this event: December 24 AM EST for the convenience of data migration.

Are the OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar NFTs and can they be traded in the NFT Marketplace in the future?

They are currently just tools for us to build the MetaBox community.

They will be mapped to MetaBox NFTs and go live on the NFT Marketplace in the future.

What is the difference between OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar?

Both the OG Avatar and Boxer Avatar are symbols of the MetaBox community, but the OG Avatar has a higher priority, lower supply, and more benefits in MetaBox's future financial plan compared to the Boxer Avatar.

The OG Avatar is usually an early user of MetaBox or a community participant who has contributed to MetaBox's products, with a small number being raffle winners of MetaBox.

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