MetaBox Christmas Event - Task 1

Dear Boxers

Welcome to the MetaBox Christmas event! This event has been organized with the following goals in mind:

  • To explain the MetaBox design concept and future development direction to the community.

  • To introduce the features of MetaBox V2 Beta to the community.

  • To distribute Boxer badges, explain their role, and build the MetaBox community and culture.

The event will take place from December 13 at 18:00 EST to December 23 at 18:00 EST.

During the event, we will announce a task every two days for the next 10 days. Each time a task is announced, scores will be automatically settled for the previous task.

There are two ways to earn scores:

  1. Completing tasks: We will record your completion of each task, and you will get one score for each completed task.

  2. ICP pool raffle: During the last event, we will open an ICP pool raffle where you can earn scores by putting ICP into the pool. The ICP in this pool will be used exclusively for the community raffle and we will not charge any fees for it.

    [Please note that due to policy reasons, this activity is not open to mainland China. If you participate, you are responsible for complying with the relevant laws and regulations.]

At the final reward settlement, you can use your scores to synthesize a Boxer Avatar or use them to draw an OG Avatar badge. Scores will be set to be transferable at the third event.

You can turn your OG badge and Boxer badge into an Avatar (possibly duplicate) at the end of the MetaBox Christmas event on December 23 at 18:00 EST, or you can choose not to. At the end of the event, your Badge will no longer be able to Burn to 2ICP, and your Badge will be able to be transferred.

Your Badge and Avatar are symbols of the MetaBox community, and in the future, your Avatar will be mapped to MetaBox community NFTs. As a holder, you will enjoy multiple benefits from the MetaBox community.

P.S. We are looking for translators from non-English speaking communities to help us translate into their native languages. If you are interested, please contact us and if our cooperation goes well, you can receive a Boxer badge for translating one mission mirror.

To provide feedback or ask questions, please use the following channels: via Twitter (, via Telegram (, or contact us via email at

Task1 instructions:

  • Like and retweet the MetaBox V2 Launch event tweets and tag three people in your tweet.

  • Retweet the Announcement twitter.

  • Like and quote the Task1 event tweets from the MetaBox Twitter account, and tag three people in your tweet. Make sure to include your UserID in the tweet (we will check your past tweets to determine if you are a bot user).

  • To quote a tweet, you need to enter: UserID: (your UserID)

Your UserID
Your UserID

Quote example:

Official Twitter account:

Official Telegram invitation link:

Please include your UserID, Telegram UserID, and the link of the retweeted tweet in the Google form.

Google Form:

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