Polygon - Expanding the Frontiers

Author: JX (Partner of OFR), Nicole Cheng (Investment Director of OFR)

Among all public chains, all Layer 1s and Layer 2s, Polygon behaves like a more well-balanced player who possesses a few deadly weapons while keeping competitive in almost every front.

Key takeaways:

  1. Established a leading edge through a series of acquisition

    Polygon’s ZK Suite and Data Availability solution, not only proved their strategic insights on the acquisition with its own token in the bull market, but more importantly, they established a deep moat at the infrastructure level for future years.

  2. Calling for more innovative DeFi products

    Polygon’s current stable and legitimate DeFi stacks lays a solid foundation for its financial layer, but compared with other L2s or alt layers, it needs innovative products to drive volume and liquidity.

  3. Built an All-star lineup for NFT launch

    After a couple of successful launch of NFTs for legacy brands such as Reddit, Starbucks and Meta, Polygon becomes the obvious choice for marketers seeking to target young and trendy web3 users

  4. Ready for the next wave of Gamefi fever

    Polygon has witnessed several hyped waves during the 2020/2021 bull trend and accumulated a large amount of active Gamefi users. Polygon Studio also dedicates to contributing to the whole ecosystem through investment and building.

For the full report, please go to  https://docsend.com/view/hnabaxbrx9jtqjbv 

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