0n1 Force - Ready For A Comeback?

Author: Otto Verstl (Analyst of OFR)

0n1 Force launched in August 2021 and was one of the most hyped collections from the start, shooting for a floor-price of 7 to 8 ETH. But poor decisions by the team led to supporters abandoning the project and thus a slow decrease in price and volume. 

All-time development of sales by 0n1 Force, Opensea
All-time development of sales by 0n1 Force, Opensea

On1 Force is an anime-inspired collection, featuring 7,777 unique avatars in the form of side-profile pictures with 100 hand-drawn attributes created by IMCMPLX. It’s a project initially set to develop a new generation of cross-platform IP. The project’s main mission is to enable the co-creation of the 0N1VERSE and set up a community that combines narrative and gaming. The philosophy behind the project is built on three cornerstones: Building strength in community, elevating style in both Metaverse and reality, and driven by the spirit of imagination.


The narrative of the NFT takes place in the Ethereal Enclave, within the 0N1VERSE. This represents the cosmos of the collection’s storyline which is now under total chaos after “The Shift” took place. Their former “emperor” held peace and structure within the Ethereal Enclave before he died. Now their life-sustaining technology cannot be fixed anymore and begins to malfunction, leading to dangerous nanoparticles entering certain zones and killing everybody who gets into contact with them. This gave rise to anarchy and formations of diverse clans and groups all fighting for territory. The 0n1’s have now gathered together and are ready to take on the challenge of rebuilding their empire.

The residents of the Ethereal Enclave are called the 0n1, having four subcategories: The Y0KA-1’s, the BAKEM0-N0’s, the 0N1’s, and the KAM-1’s. The KAM-1’s are seven and are direct subordinates of the former emperor. They are regarded as counsellors, advisors, and guardians of the ancient ways. They have attained the highest form of ascension by having complete mastery over the One Source. Each of the seven KAM-1s rules over a specific domain that makes up the Ethereal Enclave—war, sun, moon, poetry and music, love, energy, and creation.

Mission and partnerships

As mentioned before the collection is built towards cross-platform IPs, meaning that every member of the community is able to build their own storyline for the character. It enables the co-creation of the 0N1VERSE, fusing narrative and gaming with the latest in web3 technology. Furthermore, 0n1 Force has entered mutual partnerships with Steve Aioki and Coinbase. For that, they receive an 0N1 KA1, which represents their own character within the 0N1VERSE and is regarded as “Hero of the Enclave”.

0N1 KA1 #1, Steve Aioki
0N1 KA1 #1, Steve Aioki

Comic and Frames

The team has recently developed “frames”, which are suits tailored to the individual 0n1. It is free to claim for the holder, which only has to pay gas in order to use it. It cannot be sold via marketplaces like opensea and rarible and is only transferable to other 0n1-holders. 

Apart from that they are also working on comics for the enclave, receiving over 40.000 contributions in the early stages of their development. Now they have partnered up with Josh Blaylock to create a digital comic to bring their ecosystem to life.

Why has the project tanked for the last 7 months?

Involvement of Community

Many members have complained that their concerns, critics and ideas are not valued enough and that the team did not see them as contributors (which has been their mission from the beginning), but rather just holders which have no rights participating in the development-process of the project.

Delivering utilities and benefits

Before the launch the founders have promised many potential benefits and goals they want to reach but have failed to live up to the expectations.

Lack of motivation

According to KilburnKingNF, the team has received too much money at the beginning and lost their focus and motivation to keep on building and developing. With that also come accusations of rug-pulling, not putting in the work promised.


The project has announced an ambitious roadmap for the future, including a token-launch together with a new collection, Nanosuits. Moreover, the community is more and more embedded in the design-process and content-decisions.

Final thoughts

Concluding, 0n1 Force has great artwork, a strong narrative and an innovative structure together with a great layout to include an invested community. The project is prone to drive community-engagement and just has to be better managed and structured. With a professional take and a backed roadmap, 0n1 could strive to be one of the most prestigious NFT-collections in the space.


Discord of 0n1 Force

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