OFR Insight Sharing Session #1 - Discovering NFT 2.0

About OFR Insight Sharing

OFR Insight Sharing is a new weekly program session presented by Old Fashion Research, joined by other crypto practitioners of multiple notable institutions and media presses. Every week, researchers of OFR Fund will share their research results in the crypto industry for the past week. Recaps take a look back at the sharing sessions and expose a larger audience to the most discussed topics recently.

The following content refers to Nicole’s research: Gateway to unlock capital efficiency — a closer look into NFT Collateralized Lending & Borrowing Protocol

Shared by Nicole,   OFR Investment Manager, Twitter @nicole_czy
Shared by Nicole,   OFR Investment Manager, Twitter @nicole_czy

The following topics are expanded by Alastair ’s research: The Rise of NFT Finance (NFTfi) and OTC trading

Special thanks to OFR researchers Nicole and Alastair for presenting the content. Neither OFR Insight Sharing provides financial advice, nor researchers represent the final statement of OFR Fund.


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Old Fashion Research (OFR) is a multi-strategy blockchain investment fund founded in late 2021 by former executive and investment teams from the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

OFR adopts a multi-strategy approach to capture the underlying value of Web3.0 and to build a full-cycle ecosystem to support new-generation crypto native entrepreneurs. OFR incubates promising startups, follows up with traditional venture capital investment and scaling support, and finally supports the projects if they wish to exit through a merger or acquisition.

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