Dear World, Meet Neon Sundae 🍦

We are oh-so-proud and thrilled to announce that the beta version of the Neon Sundae (previously known as Founders Lab) platform is now live on the mainnet 🎉 Going live on the mainnet and taking Neon Sundae out into the world is the culmination of all the hard work by the entire team, investors, advisors and the Web3 community who have supported us from day 1 of our journey so far.

While Neon Sundae’s vision to empower the Future of Work is a grandiose one, our mission is simple: To build the Infrastructure for the Future of Work, using the power of the blockchain, to empower and faciliate organisations and talent in getting work done - collaboratively, transparently, seamlessly.

If you’re coming across Neon Sundae for the first time, Welcome! Neon Sundae is an ode to the organisations and communities we’re building for - people who believe and look to the Future. A future that is bold, exciting, inspiring. A future that is defined by ease, empowerment and equitable opportunities.

The Neon Sundae Platform

We’ve got a whole roadmap of features and tools lined up for organisations and independent talents to benefit from building with the Neon Sundae platform, but here’s what you can do over at the beta version of Neon Sundae currently!


🛳️  Start, manage & ship your very own Web3 Project end-to-end

🤝🏻 Work with niche Talents & Builders

🛠️  Work with the best of web3 tools seamlessly


👥  Contribute to and build exciting Web3 projects collaboratively

🔗  Build your on chain proof of work

💰  Get paid in crypto

While we have launched the beta version of the Neon Sundae platform, this is just the beginning. Go on down to the Neon Sundae platform and join us on this journey!

With ♡,

The Neon Sundae Team

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