Neon Sundae Partners With Unstoppable Domains

It's official, the dynamic duo of the decentralized web is here and we’re here to take over the world (or at least make it a more decentralized place).

We’re thrilled and excited to announce our partnership with Unstoppable Domains - teaming up to empower organisations and builders building in the Web3 ecosystem. Users can now build their proof of work under one digital identity with Neon Sundae and Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains, the leading platform for Web3 digital identity, is a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) domain solution that enables users to create and control their own personalised identities on the blockchain, with the added benefits of a digital ID, wallet for sending/receiving cryptocurrency and NFTs, as well as seamlessly connecting to exchanges, marketplaces, decentralised apps, games and metaverses. Essentially, Unstoppable Domains are human-readable names, that are minted on the blockchain and act as a person’s identity across Web3.

Neon Sundae is on a grand mission to empower and enable the future of work through blockchain technology. To achieve its vision and mission, Neon Sundae is building the infrastructure for both organisations and builders to work collaboratively, transparently, seamlessly and to build a verifiable proof of work on chain.

Here’s a quick rundown on what you can do over at the Neon Sundae platform!


🛳️  Start, manage & ship your very own Web3 Project end-to-end

🤝🏻 Work with niche Talents & Builders

🛠️  Work with the best of web3 tools seamlessly

💼  Hire talents for your Web3 projects


👥  Contribute to and build exciting Web3 projects collaboratively

🔗  Build your on chain proof of work

💰  Get paid in crypto

💼. Find and apply for Web3 jobs

Through this partnership, users can use their Unstoppable Domain to sign up and log into the Neon Sundae platform, as well as connect their profile, aka proof of work on chain, with their online identity - creating a more secure, cohesive and streamlined experience for builders in the Web3 ecosystem.

Signup or Login to Neon Sundae with your Unstoppable Domain
Signup or Login to Neon Sundae with your Unstoppable Domain

Don’t have an Unstoppable Domain? Fret not, get a free Web3 Unstoppable Domain through Neon Sundae!

This partnership between Neon Sundae and Unstoppable Domains brings together the two key components of a decentralized future: identity and proof of work. Building on the same ethos, values and mission, Neon Sundae and Unstoppable Domains are excited to partner to give more power to users to proudly own their identities, their career journeys, their achievements and their proof of work on Web3.

We’d like to think we’re that power couple on the decentralised web - giving users real power over their digital identities and proof of work!

And hey that’s just plain cool.

With ♡,

The Neon Sundae Team

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