A letter to the Wild Oasis Community - it’s building season!

GM Oasis Community!

Sharing an update that I hope you’ll find exciting. Starting next Monday May 1, we’re pausing our daily Oasis auctions, and will spend more time focusing on the collectors already in our corner - YOU, the earliest members of our most intimate, impressive, and important community.

Oasis community: It’s building season. Yes, you’re early. 

In the fall of 2022, we emerged from the wild with the launch of Oasis - our debut digital art collection, and foray into the world of experiential art. In just over four months, we’ve welcomed 400+ Oasis holders who have collected incredible experiential art. As we grow Oasis to its eventual 1,000 supply count, our top priority is to cultivate this community thoughtfully and intentionally. Our plan is - and has always been - to focus on creating outsized value for our passionate Oasis holders. Time is on our side.

What this means for you.

Great news, you’re early, you’re first, and you’ll forever be an integral part of the Wild family. This means you’ll still have exclusive early access to our artist releases (some epic drops on deck!), and also a chance to connect with us on a deep and personal level. We want to know what matters most to you and how we can make the Oasis experience valuable, engaging and dynamic.

Big things are coming… 

Our team has been traveling the globe to meet with hundreds of artists. We have exciting initiatives in the works that will expand the Wild platform and introduce new opportunities to enhance the Oasis experience. Trust us, it’s not-to-be-missed. Hint: Big things are coming from legendary artists, who you might already know and love… We can’t wait to share more soon! 👀

Got friends sitting on the sidelines, or eager to scoop one more?

There’s just a week left to get in on the action for now. If you plan to place a bid, now is the time.

Ready to learn more??

I’m hosting a Town Hall, Tuesday May 9 at 12pm PT. RSVP to get an update on all things Wild. Also, please grab 1:1 time with our Collector Experiences Lead, Jonathan Colon here.

As always, we so appreciate your ongoing belief, support and commitment to the creators at the bleeding edge of experiential art. We’re building something special, and in no small part thanks to each and every one of you.


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