The Story Behind Wild Oasis

Every story has a beginning, and we thought it was time we tell this one. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 3 weeks since we released the first-ever Wild collection, the Oasis. As we’ve welcomed in new faces and believers in what we’re creating, we wanted to give you a deeper look behind the curtain of the making of the Oasis.

When we set out to build Wild, we always knew we wanted to create an opportunity for a limited number of early supporters to join us and to gain access to a world that we would be able to update perpetually, evolve, and through which we could introduce ongoing rewards and new technologies as we build this futureverse together. 

An early sketch from Wild Design Lab during the making of Oasis
An early sketch from Wild Design Lab during the making of Oasis

As an early-stage startup with less than 10 employees, we had an ambitious vision to set a tone with this first collection. There were certainly easier paths to take -- we could have designed 1,000 2D passes, all with the same colors, patterns, textures. But we don’t believe the future will be built by doing what’s easy. It will be by taking the road less traveled and expanding our horizons. 

A sampling of the textural inspiration for Wild Oasis
A sampling of the textural inspiration for Wild Oasis

Thus, the Oasis was born. A symbolic representation of where we’re headed and a piece of the puzzle of the web of creativity we intend to weave. 

But we’re also not precious. We are technologist artists, and we believe the simultaneous beauty of what we’re building is that everything contains permanence, and yet nothing is finite. Today you’re jumping into a 3D world on a browser or phone through a webstream, but we have the power to change that. To grow it, to expand it, and to allow new experiences to emerge as the technology expands with us-- and your input will help guide how we do that.

Experiences you can access in the Oasis today:

If you’ve ventured into the Oasis, you may have discovered some hidden gems… But if you’ve yet to explore, here are some special hints to help you get the most out of your time in our very special world:

  • The sun will come out tomorrow… Or today if you can find this secret.

  • Make it rain! This secret lever will change the world around you.

  • Mystical mushrooms that make it glow - need we say more?

A glimpse of mushroom mode
A glimpse of mushroom mode

These were some of our favorite experiences to create because it reminds us and represents the best parts of being able to create virtual experiences -- making things happen that might not otherwise in our physical world. You want the environment around you to glow at a moment’s notice? Well, in the Oasis, you can.

So what is the purpose of the Oasis, you ask? Possibility.

We’re just getting started. Will you join us? Auctions daily, 12pm PST at

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