About the Wild Oasis

Introducing the Wild Oasis

On November 30, 2022, Wild, a residency for genre-bending artists and a destination for collecting original digital creations, announced its debut with the inaugural collection, our Wild Oasis - a founder’s pass like never before - auctioned once daily, every day.

The Oasis is your backstage pass to the Wild ecosystem, serving as the foundation for all future immersive virtual experiences, which will expand over time.

Oasis Benefits

We’re delighted to offer some early benefits of the Oasis. This is just the beginning -- initial perks include:

  • Access to allowlist for artist drops (first come, first served)

  • Allowlist for Wild design lab drops

  • And, most importantly, an ongoing destination that will surprise and delight

Oasis Supply

The public auctions started with lucky #301, with the initial 300 shared with our Artists in Residency (including Mitchell F Chan, Harm van den Dorpel, Aluna, Hideo, Yinkore, Sasha Belitskaja, Andre Oshea), Advisors (including Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst, Desiree Gruber, pplpleasr, JDH), early investors and champions (including Andy Artz, j1mmy.eth, Cozomo, Daryl Morey, Akash Arg) and our founding team. Pre-seed investors received one Oasis per $10,000 investment, and seed investors received one Oasis per $25,000 investment. Those who invested more than $50,000 in our seed round received multiple Oasis passes aligned to the size of their investment in Wild.

Check out a few of the faces of the early Wild Oasis community below. We’re excited to kick this off with a world-class community of artists and collectors alike and eager for new friends to join in the fun.

Celebrating our first collector!

A massive shoutout to our first bidder, who also became our first auction winner, StiltTrades - clearing the bid with 2.8ETH on December 1.

Additional key information - Oasis supply overview:

  • 1,000 total

  • 285 distributed to early Wild champions - artists, advisors, investors, and founding team

  • 615 available via public auction to build our incredible Wild community!

  • 100 set aside for use by Wild, including for future advisors, artists, employees and more

We’re excited to continue to seek input and share updates with all of you.

Good news! Everyone is welcome to participate - visit the Oasis daily auction, starting (and culminating!) every day at 12pm PT.

About Wildxyz

Founded in 2022, Wild is building a home for limitless creativity through an artist residency, reinvented collection drops, and immersive digital experiences. Wild partners with genre-bending and progressive artists to design the world their work comes to life in and push the boundaries on how fans can experience it.


Questions? We’re here to help. Feel free to message us on Twitter.

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