Introducing the Wild Curatorial Board: Uplifting exemplars of experiential excellence

At Wild, it is our ambition to change the way the world experiences art by centering the most forward-thinking creatives and artists as they define the next era of the spatial internet.

We’ve been honored to collaborate with truly one-of-a-kind artists in the first two seasons of our Artist Residency, many of whom have gone on to launch collections on our platform that have shaped our understanding and definition of experiential art – together, we have continuously explored and expanded our own ideas, an ever-evolving way of thinking about this thrilling new genre, facilitated by blockchain technology.

We seek to provide a safe, dedicated space for creative collaboration, and to support that effort, we’re proud to announce the next step forward in doing just that: introducing the Wild Curatorial Board.

Deafbeef, Casey Reas, Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst, Mitchell F. Chan, Nancy Baker Cahill, Harm van den Dorpel, Gabriel Massan, Maria Paula Fernández and Serwah Attafuah. These are the 10 outstanding individuals who we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with to further Wild’s commitment to fostering and supporting talent in the field of experiential art.

The Wild Curatorial Board will play an integral role in selecting artists for our platform and identifying collections that exemplify the best in experiential art. They will evaluate and select collections from our Residency as well as identify collaborations that demonstrate the highest degree of experiential excellence, defined across meaningful interactivity, conceptual depth, and digital novelty, which will receive distinction as part of the Wild Signature.

Crucially, the board will also serve as overall creative thought partners, playing an essential role in developing the impact of experiential art across the broader cultural landscape.

They will serve as leaders within the Wild community, opening up new avenues for learning, development, and mentorship across our collaborative community of artists. They will also continue to help us to define what this field and the spatial internet is and chart new courses into unfamiliar artistic territory.

With deep expertise ranging from digital art to AI to generative art and beyond, the Wild Curatorial Board is excited to reveal their first selections to receive the Wild Signature status on our platform in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

Learn more about each of our members:


Deafbeef is an artist and engineer based in Toronto, Canada. Over the past 20 years, he has been tinkering in diverse areas overlapping art and technology, including music, sound recording, computer animation, blacksmithing, and generative art. He received his BASc in electrical engineering and MSc from the University of Toronto, where he contributed to internationally recognized research in the field of computer animation. As a classically trained musician with a strong background in sound technology, he brings together all his interests in a bespoke art practice, using low-level computer code and a minimal toolset to craft raw information into audiovisual artworks. His recent generative works adopting blockchain technology as both subject and medium have gained wide attention.

According to Deafbeef, “It’s a great honor to support Wild’s mission to propel collectors and creators alike to experiment with, and create, a new frontier for immersive digital art. I’m also so excited to contribute and learn from the other esteemed members of Wild’s Curatorial Board.”

Casey Reas

Casey Reas is an American artist whose software, prints, and installations have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at institutions and galleries around the world. Reas is best known for having created, with Ben Fry, the Processing programming language. He is a professor at UCLA and a co-founder of Feral File. Born in Troy, Ohio, he studied design at the University of Cincinnati, and he later earned a Master’s in Media Arts and Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's MIT Media Lab.

Casey Reas explains, “I’m delighted to join Wild’s Curatorial Board, alongside many incredible artists and sources of inspiration in the space. Together, we’ll support contemporary artists who redefine boundaries, reset expectations, and defy tradition.”

Holly Herndon and Mathew Dryhurst

Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst are artists renowned for their pioneering work in machine learning, software and music. They develop their own technology, and protocols for living with the technology of others, often with a focus on the ownership and augmentation of digital identity and voice. These technical systems not only facilitate expansive artworks across media, but are proposed as artworks unto themselves. They were awarded the 2022 Ars Electronica STARTS prize for digital art. They have sat on ArtReview’s Power 100 list since 2021. Holly holds a Ph.D in Computer Music from Stanford CCRMA, Mathew is largely self taught. They have held faculty positions at NYU, the European Graduate School, Strelka Institute and the Antikythera Program at the Berggruen Institute. They publish their studio research openly through the Interdependence podcast, and recently co-founded Spawning, an organization building a consent layer for AI. Their critically acclaimed musical works are released through 4AD.

According to Holly Herndon and Mathew Dryhurst, “As passionate believers in the intersection of art, AI and innovation, we’re honored to serve as Advisors to Wild from the earliest days of dreaming up what could be. Now we are putting these dreams into action. We’re delighted to team up with an incredible group of creative thought leaders, building an interdisciplinary and artist-first approach to discovering and defining a bold new world for all of us.”

Mitchell F Chan

Mitchell F Chan is a Toronto-based conceptual and public artist. He is perhaps best known for creating “Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility” in 2017, which was one of the first major NFT art projects. His works explore the ways that humans navigate the world around them and how technology and social structures affect our behavior. He is interested in themes of ownership and commodification of art. His work has been covered and discussed in numerous media outlets, including Artforum, Art In America, VICE, Canadian Art, Slate, the Toronto Star, and Gizmodo.

Mitchell F Chan remarks, “It’s been a great privilege to be on the Wild journey from its earliest days as a Mentor in the Residency to now serving on this impressive Curatorial Board with colleagues and friends from across the industry. Together we are defining a new genre of bleeding-edge art and I’m excited to play a part.”

Nancy Baker Cahil

Nancy Baker Cahill is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice focuses on systemic power, consciousness, and the human body. She works in augmented reality and virtual reality, drawing and video, among other media.  Her monumental augmented reality (AR) artworks extend and subvert the lineage of land art, often highlighting the climate crisis, civics, and a desire for more equitable futures. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of 4th Wall, a free, AR public art platform exploring site interventions, resistance, and inclusive creative expression. She recently gained national acclaim for installing an exploding uterus in AR above the US Supreme Court, in response to the evisceration of abortion rights in the US.

According to Nancy Baker Cahill, “Experiential art as a medium coupled with critical social issues has long been a personal focus of mine. I’m honored to join my fellow Wild Curatorial Board members to support artists who push boundaries, take risks, and create a future not yet imagined.”

Harm van den Dorpel

Driven by a deep interest in the philosophy of technology, Harm van den Dorpel’s work transcends the medium and has pushed the art world forward in the appreciation of digital art. One of the first artists to create and sell on-chain artwork in 2015, well before the advent of NFTs as we know them today, Harm challenges us to understand and interrogate the systems we exist within. Over the past two decades, he has pushed the limits of what’s possible with generative art, creating pieces that explore concepts of randomness, creative control, language, and art. His internet-based art gallery was a pioneering space that was one of the first in the world to sell digitally editioned, code-based artworks.

Harm van den Dorpel notes, “As an early adopter of making art on the blockchain, it’s been fantastic to see the explosion of this new dimension. I’ve enjoyed serving as a Mentor in Wild’s Residency and am eager to expand my impact as a member of the Curatorial Board as we seek to support and celebrate even more artists who are experimenting with the unknown.”

Gabriel Massan

Gabriel Massan (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary visual and digital artist. Combining storytelling and worldbuilding, Massan creates worlds that simulate and narrate situations of inequality within the Latin American experience. Across 3D animation, digital sculpture, gamification, sound, and interactive installations, the artist investigates themes around subversive otherness and fictional archaeology concerning the imagination of a 'Third World.' Gabriel has been recognized by ETOPIA - Center for Art & Technology, the  Instituto Moreira Salles, Dazed as part of the Dazed 100, Serpentine Galleries, the Bangkok Biennale Online Pavillion,The Photographers' Gallery, and X Museum. Recent and upcoming group exhibitions include: 'WORLDBUILDING: Gaming and Art in the Digital Age' (Julia Stoschek Collection, 2022; Centre Pompidou-Metz, 2023); 'Canon!' (Frieze No.9 Cork Street, 2022) and 'Possible Agreements' (Mendes Wood DM, 2022)."

"It's a great honor to join Wild's Curatorial Board alongside artists and leaders I've long admired. I'm a great believer in Wild's position as a facilitator of encounters between creative potentials and their dedication to maximizing the impact of these connections by providing innovative and novel tools. Through Wild's Residency, I've enjoyed the benefits of collaborating alongside impressive artists across the globe, and I'm excited to celebrate and propel their collections forward," remarks Gabriel Massan.

Maria Paula Fernández

Maria Paula Fernández is the Co-Founder of and the Department of Decentralisation. She has been working in Web3 since 2017, having worked for several of the most prominent blockchain projects, including Polkadot, Gnosis, Melonport, Ethereum Community Fund, Golem, Akropolis, Concourse Open, Avalanche, and other grassroots and established projects on the Ethereum ecosystem. In 2018 she founded the Department of Decentralisation, hosting Web3 hackathons and researching, publishing and curating at the intersection of art and technology. Currently she’s focused at on building web3 cultural infrastructure. She is from Buenos Aires and lives in Berlin.

As Maria Paula Fernández notes, "Joining Wild's Curatorial Board presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with incredible minds who are pushing the envelope to create awareness and find new ways to bring to light cultural value in web3. I believe this will be the north star of this burgeoning industry."

Serwah Attafuah

Serwah Attafuah is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based on Dharug land/West Sydney, Australia. She creates surreal cyber dreamscapes and heavenly wastelands, populated by afro-futuristic abstractions of self with strong ancestral and contemporary themes.

Serwah has collaborated and been commissioned by clients including Mercedes Benz, Nike, GQ, Adobe, Paris Hilton and Charli XCX. Recent notable achievements include her participation in Sotheby's 'Natively Digital': A Curated NFT auction and 'Apotheosis': a live motion capture experience with Soft Centre at The Sydney Opera House.

Serwah Attafuah explains, “As an enthusiastic artist in Wild’s Residency, I’ve seen firsthand the power and impact that a team of champions can have. Building and releasing a collection can be both lonely and vulnerable, and it’s heartening to have a network who believes in our visions, our ambitions, and pushes us to dream beyond our comfort zones. ”

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