Metabio beta launch 👋


The blockchain already hosts a social network, the raw data is just unreadable.

We need a user interface to aggregate it all and paint a story.

This picture is how we show others what we've done and start to connect with other Web3 humans.


Profile to display data.

Feed to follow others activity.

1 Link to share your story.


See what NFTs collectors are buying.

Watch what DAO proposals your friends are voting on.

Know what POAP events someone has attended.

Share what YOU have done on Web3 & connect with others.

🧠 This is the start of an on-chain social network.

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We will airdrop tokens to the first users who RT, connect their wallet and share their profile.

What we're building:

User Layer

We are building a profile that efficiently pulls on and off chain data from your wallet and displays it to others in a manner that people in our social circles care about. This is the one of the first forms of our social profiles on Web3.

1-link to this profile will allow you to share you Web3 identity everywhere online.

For now, you can show off your NFTs, POAPs, DAO votes, tokens and Mirror articles. Pin your favorites at the top and have a link to share it off to your friends. Look up any wallet and start to explore your friends’ profiles.

Coming soon: Feed

Just as the data and transactions make up our profiles, they also dictate how our wallets are constantly changing. Every change to your wallet provides a feed for others to visualize how you are interacting with the blockchain.

🙋‍♂️ Any Questions?**

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