An Arbitrage Guide by ResearchDAO

Author: @404 | @RealResearchDAO

ResearchDAO is an information aggregator DAO that integrates industry observation and research, project analysis, and incubation. It aims to provide its members with high-quality consulting and project information, to find true and high-quality value in the information-rich Web3 world.

  • Starbucks Odyssey

  • Galxe SBT

    • Procedure: KYC verification is required. The first 100,000 is free, after 100,000 each charges $5

    • Link:

  • Gitcoin Passport

    • Procedure: Login to Gitcoin’s official website - Profile - trust bonus - submit passport

    • Note: Authenticate as many APPs as possible

    • Link:

  • Gitcoin Grants Round 15 donation (deadline 9/22)

  • Cryptos

  • Nitrocartel Proof-of-Early

  • EVMOS Domains Airdrop

    • Procedure: Register an Evmos domain name, better to transfer some EVMOS from a centralized exchange

    • Note: 40% airdrop to domain name holders. Snapshot: Sept. 28

    • Link:


    • Official website: Element: The First Community-Driven Aggregated Marketplace

    • Twitter: Element NFT Marketplace (@Element_Market) / Twitter

    • Introduction: Gas fee is cheaper than Gem. A community-driven multi-chain NFT aggregation market that shares value with its users. At present, Element is already an NFT marketplace that supports many public chains. Whether you want to trade NFTs on Ethereum, BSC, or other public chains (SOL is currently in the process of integration), you can complete trading on Element for buying and selling.

    • Procedure: 

      • Place an order

        • Collections of placed orders: easy to participate for normal users, the low entry barrier

        • Here we can see a collection of projects that meet the requirement for placed order reward. All projects included are eligible for the reward.

        • Details of the reward - Welcome to Element

        • NOTE: Note: As long as you place an order for NFT in the market, you can get continuous rewards. If you sell it, it will be a normal transaction. If you don’t sell it, there will be ELE token rewards. There are always rewards.

  • Trading


    • Note: You can get ELE token rewards for buying and selling, and the specific proportions can be found in the link.

    • Both buyers and sellers of their own contracts can get reward tokens, that is when the transaction is completed on Element's own platform, and when the aggregator is used to complete the transaction on Opensea, X2Y2, looks, and other platforms, the token reward will be reduced accordingly, but there will also be corresponding ELE token reward. For example, if A buys 0.1 NFT on Element, he will get 10 ELE, and the seller will also get 10 ELE. Everyone is happy. But if A trades NFT on Opensea through the Element’s aggregator, he can only get 8 ELEs. And there will be no ELE token rewards for the seller on Opensea.

  • Lambda Network

    • Official website:

    • Twitter: Lambda Network | AirDrop 09/07 | Data Storage (@Lambdaim) / Twitter

    • Introduction: Lambda Network is a safe, reliable, and infinitely scalable decentralized storage network that supports EVM and provides permanent storage services for NFTs. The on-chain generation art NFT platform, Lambda NFT, will be launched soon.

    • Prerequisites: The Lambda Network Renaissance Incentive Testnet has been launched on September 7, 2022, at 10:00 AM UTC. The new Lambda network provides EVM and on-chain NFT storage and will launch an on-chain generation NFT marketplace: LambdaNFT.

    • Procedure: 

      • Early Bird Event

        • The first event that has been launched so far is to join Discord to receive LAMB tokens.
  • Find the corresponding channel, enter /claim with your own address after, and press Enter, you can get 5 LAMB tokens when the mainnet goes online on the 25th
  • OG Event: invite 10 emails, level up to 10

  • Note: If you really can’t invite more than 10 people, then register a QQ email. Register Discord with each email, and register only one per day to prevent it from being blocked. QQ mails, Gmails, and 163 mails are all available. 

  • Only chatting in the #general channel can get experience, chatting in the Chinese channel will not gain experience

  • Jump DeFi

    • Official website: Jump DeFi

    • Twitter: Jump DeFi - Public Testnet Live (@JumpDeFi) / Twitter

    • Introduction: The project will airdrop 5 million tokens. In addition to participating in the three rounds of testnet (currently the first round), it will also be airdropped to early contributors. Currently, we can acquire 3 roles in Discord.

    • Procedure: 

      • 1. Create a wallet for Near mainnet and testnet:

  • The security mnemonic is selected by default, click Continue.
  • Copy the mnemonic and save it locally, and click Continue.
  • Enter the required mnemonic phrase, click Verify and finish.
  • As shown in the picture, the account is created! Remember the testnet ID, for example, mine is greta008.testnet, which will be used later.
  • After filling out the form, wait for one to two days and do it again. The testnet tokens and NFTs will be delivered to the wallet within 48 hours.

  • 3. Testing Staking and Unstaking NFTs Tasks

    • Go to the Jump Defi official website, click on the upper right corner to connect the wallet, select NEAR wallet, then click Next, and then click Connect.
  • As shown in the picture, your username is in the upper right corner.
  • Find a project in the NFT staking section.
  • Click Stake NFT.
  • Click Stake Now, and Approve, Note that if there is no NFT staked, it will take 1-2 days for the test wallet to receive the test NFT. Stake as many as you receive.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the staked NFT. Check one, click Unstake Selected NFT, and then click Unstake to confirm.
  • 4. Testing Vesting

    • Click Vesting on the left, and click Buy Fast Pass. Click Approve when your wallet is popped up.
  • Wait for 2 minutes, then click Withdraw Available Tokens on this interface, and click Approve after your wallet popped up.

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