Injury to Recovery: Rebuilding Milo | GratitudeSeries 33/60

As someone who's crossed the 35-year mark, I've become acutely aware of how my body responds to physical exertion. Push too hard, and it's almost a given that I'll end up with a muscle pull or some other discomfort. This was precisely what happened a few months ago when I took up kickboxing. My enthusiasm was quickly met with the reality of tight hamstrings and recurring sciatica pain.

In my quest for relief, I stumbled upon a gem of a book - "Rebuilding Milo" by Dr. Aaron Horschig. Known for his expertise as a sports physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Dr. Horschig's book came as a revelation. It wasn't just another medical guide; it was a manual crafted by someone who's been in the trenches, understood the athlete's mindset, and had the scientific acumen to back it up.

The structure of "Rebuilding Milo" is its true strength. It's not just about identifying and treating injuries; it's a deep dive into understanding the 'why' and 'how' of each pain and strain. The book's approach to using simple tests and screens to uncover the root of the pain resonated with me. It was empowering to pinpoint the cause of my discomfort and then follow the individualized rehab program laid out by Dr. Horschig.

Every page of "Rebuilding Milo" reflected Dr. Horschig's dedication to helping athletes like me (?!) regain their strength and return to the activities they love without pain. His insights were not just theoretical; they were practical and actionable. Whether it was understanding the intricacies of my hamstring pain or finding ways to alleviate my sciatica, the book became my go-to resource.

I am immensely grateful to Dr. Aaron Horschig for sharing his knowledge through "Rebuilding Milo." This book has been more than a guide; it has been a companion in my journey towards recovery and strength. It has allowed me to embrace kickboxing with confidence and the knowledge that I can manage and prevent injuries.

To anyone who spends significant time in the weight room or engages in rigorous physical activity, "Rebuilding Milo" is an invaluable resource. It teaches us that understanding our bodies is the first step toward healing and strength. Thank you, Dr. Horschig, for this incredible contribution to the world of sports, fitness, and wellbeing.

[1] "Rebuilding Milo by Aaron Horschig, Kevin Sonthana,", 2023. [Online]. Available: link. [Accessed 8 Dec. 2023].

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