Building Equitable Communities in Web3: Lessons from Shermin Voshmgir's 'Token Economy' | GratitudeSeries 26/30

As I embarked on the journey to minimize labor market friction through blockchain technology, I realized the importance of understanding the evolving digital landscape. "Token Economy" by Shermin Voshmgir became my guide in navigating this new terrain.

Voshmgir brilliantly explains, "Token economics is a subset of economics that studies the institutions, policies, and ethics of tokenized goods and services"​​. This resonated with me as I worked on integrating Hyperledger Fabric into our skill-based communities, striving for a more equitable economy.

During the building phase, my connection with the web3 and NFT world diminished. Yet, as we aimed to integrate our system into this burgeoning digital economy, the relevance of tokens became clear. "The ability to deploy tokens... on a public infrastructure is a game changer," Voshmgir states, highlighting their potential to revolutionize asset representation and access rights​​. This revelation aligned perfectly with our goal to create more transparent and efficient community interactions.

Voshmgir’s discussion of cryptographic tokens as programmable assets or access rights, managed by smart contracts, opened new possibilities for our community-driven projects​​. The book’s insight into different token types and their applications helped us envision a future where tokenization could play a pivotal role in our communities' economic interactions.

In our pursuit of integrating into the web3 world, "Token Economy" sheds light on the intricacies of blockchain and its socio-economic implications. As Voshmgir aptly puts it, "Tokens can represent anything from a store of value to a set of permissions in the physical, digital, and legal world"​​. This understanding is crucial for us as we navigate the complexities of digital economies and strive to build systems that are fair, transparent, and beneficial to our community members.

Looking ahead, the concept of Token Engineering, as inspired by Voshmgir's work, seems not only feasible but essential for the future economies we aim to build. Our journey, heavily influenced by the insights from "Token Economy," is just the beginning. We are grateful to Prof. Shermin for demystifying the web3 world and paving the way for a future where digital economies thrive on principles of equity and inclusivity.

For more on our journey and the evolving landscape of digital economies, stay tuned to our upcoming gratitude series. To delve deeper into the world of tokens and how we integrate into this equitable economy, please visit The Internet of Value.

This blog post was crafted with excerpts and inspiration from "Token Economy" by Shermin Voshmgir, cited in IEEE style.


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