Shaping Reality with Thoughts: BS? Robson's 'Expectation Effect' |GratitudeSeries 31/60

In my early journey with, where we delved into the realms of quantum computing and its myriad possibilities, I often found myself skeptical about concepts that veered towards what seemed like pseudoscience. This skepticism was particularly pronounced towards ideas akin to Quantum Energy Healing or the notion of manifesting reality through thought, as popularized by "The Secret." However, my perspective underwent a profound transformation after encountering David Robson's "Expectation Effect," a book that elegantly bridges the gap between thoughts, emotions, and their tangible impacts on our wellbeing.

Robson's work illuminates the often-underestimated power of our expectations and beliefs in shaping our reality. A striking example of this is found in a study conducted at Harvard University involving hotel cleaners. This study revealed that simply changing the cleaners' perceptions about the physical intensity of their work led to significant improvements in their fitness levels, including weight loss and reduced blood pressure. These changes occurred without any alteration in their lifestyle, highlighting the profound impact of mental beliefs on physical health.

Another compelling narrative in Robson's book revolves around the mysterious deaths of Laotian immigrants in the United States, predominantly from the Hmong ethnic group. The concept of the "dab tsog," a nocturnal demon from Hmong folklore, and the resulting psychological stress and sleep paralysis, offer a chilling testament to the power of belief and its physiological consequences. The fear and cultural displacement experienced by these immigrants manifested in a tangible, and unfortunately lethal, manner.

These narratives from "Expectation Effect" have significantly reshaped my understanding of the mind-body connection. They've made me more receptive to the intricate ways in which our thoughts and emotions can influence our physical and emotional states. It's a realization that not only enriches the wellbeing protocol within our #TheInternetOfValue initiative but also underscores the importance of nurturing positive beliefs and expectations for holistic health.

I extend my deepest gratitude to David Robson for his deep work in "Expectation Effect." It serves as a vital reminder of the incredible power our minds wield in shaping our health, happiness, and ultimately, our reality.


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