Mariana Mazzucato -| GratitudeSeries 9/60

Mariana Mazzucato's "The Value of Everything" argues that our current economic system undervalues many forms of labor and overvalues activities that extract value rather than create it. She critiques the shift from a labor theory of value to a market-based approach, which she believes leads to the exploitation of labor and the misallocation of resources away from innovation and toward rent-seeking activities.


  • Provocative critique of modern economics.

  • Calls for reevaluating what we consider 'value-creating' activities.


  • The proposed alternatives might be challenging to implement.

  • May oversimplify the complexities of market dynamics and value creation.

In "Mission Economy," Mazzucato advocates for an economy driven by public-purpose missions, inspired by the moon landings. She suggests that such missions can guide innovation, making it more inclusive and directed toward solving societal challenges.


  • Inspiring vision for a purpose-driven economy.

  • Practical examples of how government can stimulate innovation.


  • Potential for bureaucratic inefficiencies in government-led initiatives.

  • Risks of misallocation of resources if missions are not well-chosen or executed.

In reading Mariana Mazzucato's "The Value of Everything," I was struck by the profound simplicity and truth in her assertion that our economy often undervalues genuine value creation. Her critique of how we've transitioned from a labor theory of pricing to a market-based approach resonated deeply with me, particularly how this shift has led to labor exploitation. This revelation was pivotal in my decision to move from the concept of "The Internet of Skills" to "The Internet of Value." It opened my eyes to the necessity of quantifying well-being, laying a foundation for pricing services and products that honor the labor involved while also embracing market validation. I am eternally grateful to Mariana Mazzucato for her influence on my thought process while writing "The Internet of Value." Her work has not only guided my understanding but has also provided a beacon for the economic paradigm I hope to contribute.

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