Onchain Summer Buildathon: Attestation Ideas

Attn Based Builders:

This guide is for all Based builders who want an edge. The Onchain Summer builder vibes are back, inspiring the shift of the internet to go from online → onchain.

Forget the SPF30, grab your favorite OSS and EIPs, and sign up for the buildathon. There are over 200+ ETH up for grabs thanks to big-name track sponsors like Stripe, Shopify, Farcaster, Nouns, Zora, and more.

The power of a simple primitive like EAS is that each of the 8 tracks can benefit from attestations. Let’s explore unique ideas where attestations can be used.

“Onchain Summer is a global movement that invites builders and creators worldwide to showcase their creativity and innovation onchain" - Base

Quick Buildathon Basics

The buildathon is being hosted by Devfolio, one of the largest hackathon communities in the world with over 500,000 builders. They’re making it easy to register as a builder, submit your projects, and create a more connected builder experience. Here are a few basics of the buildathon and then we’ll jump into some ideas for each track.

Cool Fact:* Devfolio was among the first projects to adopt EAS and built a quadratic voting system using attestations. #Pioneers*

Make sure you register, even if you don’t have an idea yet:

Registration for the hackathon ends by May 31st. Set up your profile on Devfolio pronto. You might not have the perfect idea just yet, but sign up early before registration closes.

📅 Here are a few key dates to know:

  • May 31: Hackathon opens.

  • June 30: Submissions due

  • July 8 - 12: Judging

  • July 16: Winners announced

  • July 1 - July 18: Community review period

  • July 18 onwards: Bounties paid out

Explore Attestation Ideas Across All Tracks⚡

Attestations are digital signatures on structured data used to build trust online and onchain. You can extend attestations to just about any project at varying degrees of integration, offchain or onchain. From simple attestations for community access to more complex systems entirely built on attestations.

Let’s explore how you can apply these in each track:

1. PAYMENTS with Stripe (20 ETH)

Build a consumer payment experience with a focus on usability and virality.

The Play: Stripe mastered seamless payment experiences. But how do merchants and their customers build more trust with one another as they move from online to onchain?

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Transaction Receipts: Offer immutable receipts of the transaction that can add additional context both parties can verify independently.

  2. Subscription Services: Create a novel subscription service using attestations that attest to the subscription type, status, and payment histories. Attestations can automatically expire and require a new attestation to renew the subscription.

  3. Verified Merchant Attestations: Boost buyer confidence by attesting to a merchant's accreditation, transaction history, or customer satisfaction scores.

  4. Refund & Return Authenticity: Create a system where refunds and returns are attested, ensuring all parties acknowledge and agree on the order status.

  5. Onchain Credit Reputations: Attest to an invoice and its payments being made on time to build the creditworthiness of specific addresses.

View the Track:

2. COMMERCE with Shopify (20 ETH)

Create a compelling commerce experience for merchants with URL <> IRL tie-ins.

The Play: Attestations will play a critical role in how onchain commerce creates more trusted interactions between buyers and sellers.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Gated Experiences: Use Coinbase Verifications, Gitcoin Passport, and other verifications for exclusive perks from verified merchants.

  2. Affiliate Marketing Attestations: Allow merchants to attest to their official affiliates. During the checkout flow the affiliate’s known UID can be added to track contributions to sales.

  3. Discount Codes: Use attestations as a redeemable discount code. Merklize all the codes, attest to the merkle root, allow people to selectively reveal/redeem each leaf (discount), and revoke its status as a valid code.

  4. Product Verifications: Verify the origin of specialty products, like coffee and organic goods, ensuring authenticity.

  5. Loyalty & Engagement: Attest to wallet’s commerce or community behavior and reward them with loyalty points as an attestation.

  6. Private Checkouts: Enhance the checkout flow for onchain commerce that allows buyers to selectively reveal their attested shipping address or profile during checkout.

  7. Order Statuses: Use attestations to track various order statuses of onchain products (fulfillment status, shipping statuses, return processes, and more).

Visit the Track:

3. DISCOVERY with Fleek (20 ETH)

Build a compelling app on top of the Onchain Summer Registry, focusing on discoverability and daily engagement.

The Play: Fleek provides decentralized hosting, storage, CDN, and more to help builders build faster. Leverage attestations to enhance content validity and creator credibility.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Content Authenticity Attestations: Enable creators to attest to hashes of their user-generated content for greater composability and proof of provenance.

  2. Knowledge Graphs: Curate the discoverability and build the collective brain of a given ecosystem linking different research papers and their contributors together.

  3. Create New Registries: Develop registries that help builders and publishers make sense of structured and safe lists.

  4. User-Generated Tags: Implement a system where users can contribute tags or categories to content, which are then verified through attestations.

Visit the Track:

4. CREATOR with Zora (20 ETH)

Build new and imaginative ways for onchain creativity to thrive.

The Play: Attestations are a great way to preserve the creator's authenticity and provenance of their works. They can also be used to inspire creative ways for engagement.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Creator Provenance Attestations: Verify the authenticity and originality of creative works by attesting to hashes and contributions of the work.

  2. Enrich Work with Unique Metadata: Use attestations as a way to attest to new metadata about a specific piece of content and or its creators in a more structured way.

  3. Collaborative Project: Attest to contributors who work together on a shared project showing proof of intellectual property and contribution.

  4. Licensing Marketplace: Create a marketplace that enables creators to attest to various aspects of the rights and licenses for a specific piece of art.

  5. Royalties: Use attestations and resolver contracts to support and automate royalty distributions each time a piece is resold or utilized commercially.

  6. Interactive Art Projects: Develop a fun way for a piece of art to evolve with new versions that evolve all referencing the previous.

Visit the Track:

5. SOCIAL with Farcaster (20 ETH)

Build an amazing onchain social experience with a focus on mainstream adoption and virality.

The Play: Social interactions, intents, and behaviors are great attestation use cases due to their composability and the power of referenced attestations.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Frames <> Attestations: There’s so much potential in leveraging various frame interactions and attestations together (gated frames with attestations, interactive polls & surveys, endorsements, predictions, and so much more).

  2. Chain Reaction Posts: Create collaborative and viral threads that allow contributors to take the most recent version of a post, apply their own twist, and prove the provenance of how the post evolved over time.

  3. Daily Meme Competitions: Create a daily meme competition with users to publish a blank meme, attest to variations of the meme, and allow the community to attest which meme is best that day to win a prize.

  4. Verified Influencers: Create daily leaderboards for various challenges to inspire more collaboration and coordination.

  5. Sybil Resistance: Use various types of attestations to increase the likelihood that an address is not a bot.

  6. Create a Dapp Registry: Create a project registry for teams to attest to their projects, verify team members, authenticity of content, and more.

  7. Content Endorsements: Enable users to attest to the quality or reliability of content, boosting its visibility or credibility.

  8. User Endorsements: Enable users to endorse projects and contributors for their work and the impact it has made.

Visit the Track:

6. GAMING with thirdweb (20 ETH)

The Play: Attestations are great for recording in-game achievements and trusted interactions. This increases composability, fair play, and fun ways for gamers to represent their skills.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Verified Speedruns: Verify and attest to the fastest players’ achievements for reaching certain levels, beating bosses, and more.

  2. Badging & Unlock Achievements: Attest to new in-game achievements and unlocks achieved by the user.

  3. Commit & Reveal Schemes: Use attestations as a way to attest to a user’s verified behavior and selectively disclose it. Great for Chess, Rock Paper Scissors, and other commit-and-reveal schemes.

  4. In-Game Item Ownership: Secure the ownership rights of in-game items with attestations by attesting to the valid owner and its transfers.

  5. Verified Gamers: Attest to official beta tester addresses and allow them to showcase their gameplay in new and novel ways

  6. Leaderboard Attestations: Attest to various achievements a gamer achieves and showcase them on a leaderboard.

  7. Game Modes: Allow users to attest to specific game modes and enable smart contracts to change the game behavior based on attestations that are present.

7. UNPLUGGED with Nouns (20 ETH)

Make a difference IRL<>URL, with a focus on community engagement and real-world impact.

The Play: Attestations can inspire and reward community engagement and behaviors for various aspects like attendance, inspiring healthy habits, and more.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Attest to Attendance: Enable event organizers to attest to the attendance of their community members. This attestation can then be used to mint an NFT, POAP, or other rewards.

  2. Community Service Impact Tracking: Create new ways for offchain impact to be recorded (hours, projects completed, et.al) and interact with smart contracts.

  3. Eco-Friendly Actions: Verify and reward eco-friendly actions like recycling or participating in community clean-ups with attestations that can lead to rewards or public recognition.

  4. Get Healthy: Coordinate offchain activities like group walks, runs, yoga sessions, and more to see who the most “active” builder communities are (leveraging receipts.xyz).

  5. Registry of Based IRL Experiences: Begin curating a local guide for onchain builders to know how and who to engage with when visiting a new city and want to get plugged into the offline events and local scene.

8. TRADING with Aerodrome & Synthetix (20 ETH)

Build an innovative trading/investing experience, with a focus on interesting DeFi primitives and app interoperability.

The Play: Use attestations to build more trust between defi dapps and its users. Attestations are a great way to add additional context to transactions, build a reputation system between users, add various types of authorization logic, and incentivize users with rewards and perks.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Trading Achievements: Attest to various onchain achievements to build your DeFi reputation.

  2. Attestations as an Oracle: Create an oracle service where users attest to the outcomes of specific events. Attestations can be used a simple way to resolve specific markets based on an outcome.

  3. Authorization Logic: Require an attestation to be valid before proceeding with any sort of authorization logic in a dapp.

  4. Campaigns & Questing: Register a campaign as an attestation and attest to addresses that complete the desired behaviors.

  5. Predictions: Enable addresses to attest to various types of predictions. “I attest that X will be the outcome on Y date”.

9. Other Rewards (40 ETH)

There are several other rewards being offered:

Coinbase Onchain Verifications (10 ETH)

Unlock onchain experiences and rewards for users.

The Play: Coinbase Verifications are attestations from Coinbase that can unlock various onchain experiences and build more trust between dapps and their users.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. Verified Access & Authorizations: Gate or enhance specific experiences, content, and features for your project based on valid CB Verifications.

  2. Value Perks: Provide exclusive perks to addresses that have the CB Verification, like discounted fees, boosted points/yield, exclusive features, and more.

  3. Boosted Interactions: Allow verified addresses to have a more enhanced onchain social experience with boosted posts and prioritized content.

  4. Based Onboarding: If a CB Verification is valid for an address, enhance its onboarding and dapp experience to be more personalized for Base.

  5. Sybil Resistance: Use the CB Verification in combination with other attestations and verifications to increase the sybil resistance of an address.

**Did you know? EAS is a core contract on Base. **

  1. EAS: 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000021

  2. EASSchemaRegistry: 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000020

OnchainKit (10 ETH)

OnchainKit is a toolkit full of react components and typescript utilities to help you build top-tier onchain apps. 

The Play: Use the OnchainKit when creating social apps and experiences. In the kit, you’ll find easy-to-use react components that leverage attestation data.

Attestation Ideas:

  1. React Components for Social Behaviors: Create/suggest additional react components that are specific to various types of schemas and attestations. For example, create a component allowing someone to easily follow, like, or recast in different clients.

  2. Use the component: Use it to show that a user has an attestation attached to their account.

  3. Build an Example App: Open source your attestation-based dapp that uses the OnchainKit to show other builders what’s possible.

Getting Started with EAS

Here’s a list of several developer tools and resources that can help you build faster with EAS on Base.

  1. Why EAS Exists: It’s helpful to know why EAS exists and why it’s built the way it’s built.

  2. EAS Quickstart for Builders: This is a short tutorial on how to start building on EAS.

  3. EAS Core Concepts: Quick overviews of the core concepts of EAS, such as attestations, schemas, referenced attestations, resolvers, revocability, and more.

  4. EAS SDK: Open-source SDK to start building with EAS super fast.

  5. Base Attestation Explorer: Allows you to easily see registered schemas and attestations made on Base. There are also a few no-code tools that allow you to create schemas and attestations.

  6. EAS GraphQL API for Base: Easily query attestation data using the GraphQL endpoint on https://base.easscan.org/graphql.

  7. EAS Indexer: Want to index your own attestations? The EAS indexer is open-sourced so you can do just that.

  8. Example EAS Contracts: To help you learn how to quickly implement EAS.

  9. EAS Speedrun Video: This was a workshop hosted at ETHGlobal to help builders start building faster with EAS.

Quick Builder Tips:

  1. Use Offchain & Onchain: While this is an onchain buildathon, there are several times when offchain attestations or a blend of offchain and onchain attestations are going to be favorable.

  2. Privacy First: Always consider the necessity of data before storing it onchain. Where possible, use zkps and private data attestations to attest to the validity of the data without revealing the data itself.

  3. Focus on Composability: Think about how your attestation or some of its data might be reusable or valuable to projects beyond your own. When you see this, its usually a good indicator for referenced attestations.

  4. Gas Efficiency: Don’t use strings for everything! Save yourself some gas by learning to use more efficient types in your data.

  5. Delegated Attestations: This is a powerful way to enable who pays for the gas fees when making an attestation.

  6. Resolvers are a superpower: It’s like a hook for your schema that can use any smart contract logic to control who can make attestations, mint NFTs, or automatically trigger any other action.

Need some help?

Get in touch with the community in the Telegram channel where you can post any questions you have or get developer support.

Engage with EAS on X or Warpcast.

Stay Based,

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