Nvak Collective: Whitepaper 2.0
January 23rd, 2023


  1. Who are we?

  2. What are we building?

  3. The Nvak Collective Flywheel

  4. Why are we building it?

  5. Our Team

  6. Our Founding Members

  7. Creating Direct-to-Fan Engagement through ‘Music Video Games’

    1. The Issue

    2. The Solution: Direct to Fan Engagement

    3. The Music Video Game

    4. How It Works

    5. NFT Tickets

    6. Fan Status

    7. Cloning and Fan Armies

    8. The Outcome

    9. Other Labels

  8. Nvak Collective’s Current Roster

  9. Story

  10. Roadmap

  11. Learn More

Who are we?

Nvak Collective is a next generation record label and artist advocacy collective that fully embraces web3 to drive change for creators. Our organization consists of five entities: Records, Media, Management, Publishing and our 501c3 non-profit, Nvak Foundation.

🎙 Nvak Records

Mission-driven Record Label superserving women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ artists from emerging markets

Primary Focus

  • Music as an export for emerging economies

  • Global hit records

  • Hands on A&R and Marketing

🎮 Nvak Media

Computer Graphics and Web3 arm developing Music Video Games and on-chain Fan Clubs

Primary Focus

  • Easy, faster, fairer payment models

  • Direct-to-fan engagement

  • Digital x physical experiences

🤝 Nvak Management

Management company tapping emerging market musicians into the resources and network of the developed music industry

✍️ Nvak Publishing

COMING 2023: Publishing company dedicated to establishing producer and songwriter networks that tell the untold stories of artists historically overlooked in the music industry

Nvak Foundation

501c3 non-profit providing equitable access to music education and holistic care resources to artists globally in the form of small grants covering everything from therapy & psychiatry, to health insurance, dental care, internet access, rent, and other essential needs.

What are we building?

Nvak Collective is rebuilding the music industry from the ground up by restructuring how music IP is financed, monetized, created, and experienced.

Why are we building it?

We are artists and creators who have experienced the highs and lows of the music industry. We know musicians, and believe there is a need to solve real world problems through a complete restructuring of the record label business model. By focusing on holistic approaches to creating intimate ‘experiences’ we tackle the issues of poor financing models, delayed royalty payouts, and fragmented rights management, in one fell swoop.

The beauty is in where digital meets physical; Web2 meets Web3; old meets new; artistry meets utility.

Our Team

Co-Founder, CEO - Tamar Kaprelian

Artist, entrepreneur, and 20-year music industry veteran. A Phi-Beta-Kappa graduate of Columbia University, she signed her first major recording contract with Clive Davis at the age of 17; got dropped; and signed to Jimmy Iovine after honing her craft with some of LA’s top songsmiths. Tamar found her calling when she was able to fuse social impact with music and technology.

Co-Founder, COO - Alex Salibian

Alex Salibian is a hit music producer for the likes of Harry Styles, Young the Giant, The Head and the Heart, Jess Glynne, Mikky Ekko, and Elle King. Combined, his songs have amassed more than 2.4 billion streams.

Co-Founder, CCGO - Tamir Diab

Tamir Diab is an award-winning Computer Graphics Supervisor best known for bringing Hollywood hits like Avatar, The Jungle Book, Iron Man 3, and more to the silver screen. Building CG teams through poised and respectful leadership, he works closely with artists and leads from all departments on asset builds, surfacing, layout, animation, FX, lighting, and compositing in order to bring dreams to life.

Founding Members

There is power in numbers and these Members bring together a highly curated group of people that we trust and admire across various creative and business sectors – music, tech, finance, fashion, film, t.v., photography, philanthropy, etc. All Members are personally invested in and/or are advising for Nvak Collective PBC and hold equity in the company. It is important to us that the artists on our roster have mentors and role models that they can emulate and look up to.

  • Adis Adamsson (Founder & CEO, Happy Home Music)

  • Ali Tamposi (Grammy-Nominated Songwriter)

  • Ali Wyatt (Co-Founder & CEO, Female Founder Collective)

  • Andrew Steinthal (Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, The Infatuation & Zagat)

  • Angela Sarafyan (Actor, HBO's Westworld)

  • Ara Yeromian (Principal at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan)

  • Arjan Timmermans (Head of Editorial & Programming, Apple Maps)

  • Avery Akkineni (President, Vayner NFT)

  • Casey Conlon (Northwood Group | Dare Capital)

  • Cassie Sagehorn (Senior Director of Marketing, OnChain Studios)

  • Christian Novogratz (CEO Portrait Labs)

  • CF1.0 LLC

  • CTHDRL (Josh Hubberman)

  • Daisy Alioto (Co-Founder, Dirt)

  • David Ready (Executive Vice President, Film & Television at The Chernin Group)

  • Deirdre Maloney (Co-Founder, Afternoon Light)

  • Edward Barsamian (Creative Consultant)

  • Elan Halpern (Developer Relations, Alchemy)

  • Elizabeth Moody (Partner, Chair of New Media Practice, Granderson Des Rochers)

  • Evan Bogart (Founder & CEO, Seeker Music Group)

  • FLUF World (Non-Fungible Labs)

  • Francine Ballard (Founder & CEO, Metagolden)

  • François Comtois (Artist, Young the Giant)

  • Frank Wang (Founder, Froopyland & Mesh Mosaic)

  • Garrett Williams (Head of Venture Investments, Red Light Management)

  • Haitham Mengad (Founder & CEO, Stems Labs)

  • Hume Collective

  • Jaime Zeluck-Hindlin (Writer/Producer/Artist Manager and A&R)

  • Janet Lee (AR/VR & Web3 Product Marketer and Investor)

  • Jasmine Solano (DJ/Host + Co-Founder of Club House Global + Founder of Unity in Color)

  • Jenna Andrews (Grammy-Nominated Producer/Songwriter and Record Executive)

  • Jennifer Aprahamian (Product and Development, Hyperlane)

  • Jennifer Flanz (Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer/Showrunner of The Daily Show)

  • Jim Mckenzie (Attorney, Entrepreneur)

  • Jon Castelli (Record Mixer & Producer)

  • Joshua Lachter (Vice President, ASAPP)

  • Julie Pacino (Photographer)

  • Kelly Rote (Financial Advisor and Director, UBS)

  • Keith Grossman (President of Enterprise, MoonPay)

  • Lara Deeb (Professor of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies, Scripps College)

  • Laura Walker Lee (Founder & CEO, Madre Ventures)

  • Lauren Phillips (VP, Partnerships, Ready, Set, Food!)

  • Lauren Rinkey (Investor, Brand Builder, Advisor)

  • Leona Lewis (3-time Grammy / Brit Award nominated global recording artist / songwriter / actress / philanthropist)

  • Lisa Pillette (CMO I Head of Marketing WE3 and Chainforest DAO I Advisory Board TRIPTK I Fmr Casper, Ralph Lauren, Levi's)

  • Livia Tortella (Founder & CEO, Black Box)

  • Lori Grace Bailey (Host, Rug Radio | Founding Member, My BFF |Advisor & Comm Curator, Hug)

  • Maggie Nemser (Former CEO of Blackboard Eats / Entrepreneur / Food Editor)

  • Maria Gironas (Senior Media Partnerships Manager, Reddit)

  • Matthew Prince (Managing Partner at Hexameter Capital)

  • Metaplex

  • Mysterious.xyz (Prerna & Esha Gupta)

  • Naseem Sayani (Partner, Emmeline Ventures)

  • Nathaniel Whittemore (Host, The Breakdown)

  • Nick Synodis (Global Director of Partnerships, Non Fungible Labs)

  • Nousha Salimi (Registered Nurse / Celebrity Skincare Specialist / Reiki Master)

  • Paul Phamous (Record Producer & Songwriter)

  • Priyanka Dewan (CEO of Gig Life Pro)

  • Qutayba Abdulatif (Psychologist, Clinical)

  • Rachel Kropa (FootPrint Coalition, Range Media Partners)

  • Richard Hillenbrand (Co-Founder, Tagger Media)

  • Ricky Engelberg (CMO, Vista)

  • Rosa Asciolla (VP, Global Artist & Creator Community at Utopia Music)

  • Roy Schneiderman (National Medical Director, Population Health at Optum)

  • Sam Ewen (Head of Brand Studio, Coindesk)

  • Samuel Del Real (Entrepreneur, Music, Founding Team @DoinGud @ETHBarcelona)

  • Sandrine Deveaux (Executive Vice President, Future Retail, Farfetch)

  • Sarah Jabbari (Artist Manager)

  • Sharon Dastur (Founder & CEO, Dastur Ventures)

  • Shelby Archer (Artist, Producer, Songwriter)

  • Sophie Watts (Founder, Metacurio)

  • Spencer LeBoff (Publishing, BMG)

  • Steve Ready (Founder & CEO, Inspired Labs)

  • Sue Drew (General Manager, Kobalt Publishing)

  • Tamir Diab (VFX Director: Planet of the Apes, Avatar, and more)

  • Tania Sarin Araradian (Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur)

  • The Magic Mullet (Artist, Producer, Songwriter)

  • Tim Gerhardt (Senior Advisor @Balmoral Advisors , Former President and Owner, Allpoint Inc.)

  • Timmy Haehl (Publishing, Big Machine)

  • Tom Windish (Head of A&R and Business Development at Wasserman Music)

  • Tushar Apte (Hit Record Producer & Songwriter)

  • Tyler Johnson (Hit Record Producer & Songwriter)

  • Varant Zanoyan (Engineer, AirBnb)

  • Waleed Diab (Head of Business Development, YouTube)

  • William Nazarian (VP, Everest Reality Co. / Chairman of the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York)

  • Yara Nahas (Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Triller)

  • Yola Robers (Journalist, Venture Manager)

  • Zander Fryer (Life Coach, Entrepreneur)

Creating Direct-to-Fan Engagement Through ‘Music Video Games’ (built in Unreal Engine 5)

The Issue

  • TikTok has become the most impactful marketing driver for developing artists today.

  • While the platform has proven to directly drive streaming numbers, these streams create fans of a song far more than fans of an artist.

  • This means an artist can have one of the top streamed tracks in the world but still struggle to fill a small concert venue.

The Solution: Direct to Fan Engagement

  • By focusing on direct-to-fan engagement and building armies of “superfans”, artists and labels can see greater return on their investment and move towards a revenue neutral financing model.

🎮 The Music Video Game

  • Music videos are powerful marketing drivers that have not been innovated since the 1980s.

  • Now, through gamified music video experiences, an artist can build an engaged following of superfans and reward them for their support with tools that track proof of behavior and fan status.

⚙️ How It Works

  • Let’s view a gamified music video experience through the lens of Annika Rose’s “Bruises”:

  • Like a video game and a music video, the experience is narrative driven to tell the story of the track, but is dynamic, evolves as you play, and allows fan ownership.

  • The experience will involve opening and closing cinematics that are based on the lyrics of “Bruises”, game tokens (Example: fans collect their own Bandaids, SuperMario style), and unlock perks as fans move through the game.

🎟 NFT Tickets

  • Annika Rose will start by selling 500 Level 1 “Bruises” Experience NFT Tickets. These 500 are the first set of a larger fan club of 10,000 total tickets.

    • As Annika releases new experiences for follow-up records, new tickets (and fans) are added to the fan club.
  • The first 500 are sold at a premium price, and each ticket grants free access to future content and some of the perks listed below under ‘Fan Status’.

  • These 500 “Bruises” experience ticket holders are now the first 500 members of Annika’s fan club.

🥇 Fan Status

  • As these fans take actions inside of the experience and outside of it, they’re rewarded for their behavior with points and real-world perks.

  • As fans gain points for their actions, their fan status is upgraded. As their fan status is upgraded, they gain access to new perks.

Actions may include:

  • Finishing the game level

  • Collecting a certain number of game tokens

  • Streaming “Bruises”

  • Joining Annika’s Discord

  • Following Annika on Instagram

  • Attending a show

  • Sharing a screenshot of the experience online

  • Referring a friend to join Annika’s Discord

Perks may include:

  • Early access to demos

  • Discounts on show tickets

  • Private Zoom calls with Annika

  • Exclusive merch

  • Decision-making power (ex: voting rights on the next merch design)

  • Early previews of content

  • Meet & Greet access

Social Proof: Fan status is displayed publicly on a leaderboard within the experience

👾 Cloning & Fan Armies

  • Once the fan reaches a certain level, they’re able to clone their NFT. The fan can then sell or rent out their clone NFT to another fan.

    • Example: They’ve gained enough status to get free tickets to Annika Rose’s Los Angeles event, but they can’t make the show. The fan can rent or sell their clone NFT to another fan for the day so that fan can get their perk.
  • As the fan clones and rents out their NFT, they bring more fans into the community, and build their own “fan army”.

  • Leaders begin to develop within the fan club, and serve as Annika Rose’s own organic street team.

🏁 The Outcome

  • Annika Rose has essentially created a fan club that is owned by the fans.

  • Every Music Video Game that is released allows for more fans to join the community.

  • Capping the number of tickets (and member slots) at 10,000 ensures that we’re building an engaged community that grows in value over the long-term.

🏷 Other Labels

  • Imagine this system for each artist on a major label’s roster:

    • Artists have a longer runway to achieve commercial success

      • Revenue is earned in real time at point of sale
    • Fan armies are marketing for you

      • Each artist has become revenue neutral

Nvak Collective’s Current Roster


Talent is equally distributed; opportunity isn’t. The Nvak journey started in 2016, out of an intense desire to help less fortunate female, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ creators. So we started doing field work in emerging markets, teaching people how to write and produce their own music. Knowledge is power; and nothing is more powerful than being able to do the creative process start-to-finish by oneself. After educating over 5,000 creators, we wanted to add another layer to our work.

The Nvak Collective journey started in 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. We spent that year creating lots of decks and cultivating an intentional community of people who have mastered their craft: songwriters, producers, A&Rs, marketers, photographers, videographers, choreographers, and more. At the top of 2021, we started raising money and using those funds to create high-quality IP for the 4 artists on our roster. In September, we launched the company by releasing “KING”, a collaboration with our artist Rosa Linn and Kiiara.

We learned quickly that our processes for creating & managing IP were more in line with the ethos of Web3 than Web2. We knew that the utility of a NFT would allow us to tackle the complex issues of royalty distribution whilst compensating our collaborators transparently, efficiently, and safely with equity. NFTs give life to an entirely new class of creators who will be capable of acquiring wealth over time for themselves, their families, for others they work with, and even for the fans who consume their content.



  • Launch of Annika Rose’s “Bruises” Music Video Game


  • Report: Findings of the Music Video Game Experience

  • Expansion of Annika Rose’s Virtual World


  • Rosa Linn’s Music Video Game & Fan Club

  • Incorporation of Fiat On-Ramps

  • Nvak Media Agency Model


  • Writing Camps for Roster Expansion: Egypt & Ghana

  • Talia Lahoud’s Music Video Game & Fan Club

  • Launch: Nvak Publishing

  • Launch: Avatars

Learn More

If you’d like to read in more detail about our ideas and processes, check out some of our other Mirror posts.

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