"Bruises" Music Video Game - Allowlist Information

Who We Are:

Nvak Collective is a next-generation record label and artist advocacy collective that fully embraces web3 to uplift creators. We believe that the operating system of the music industry is broken, and our mission is to make the music industry more equitable, profitable, and diverse. Our small team has already discovered talent from remote regions around the globe and launched them to billions of streams and hundreds of thousands of fans, all while providing artist-friendly deals and artist care.


The “Bruises” Music Video Game is out May 30, 2023. With a goal to re-examine the relationship between artist and consumer, this first-of-its-kind experience explores new avenues for direct-to-fan engagement and artist storytelling while paving the way for a music industry middle class. 

The majority of the game will be playable for free at bruises.nvakcollective.xyz, offering a collection of opening and closing cinematics and three curated environments crafted in Unreal Engine 5 where players can collect game tokens and explore the story of “Bruises”.  

However, the token-gated music environment, The Listening Room, is only accessible to those that mint 1/2,500 free Listening Room NFTickets. This immersive space is home to Annika Rose’s unreleased music, music NFT mint opportunities, and other future game updates. In this post, we outline the full minting and allowlist details for this special access pass.

Allowlist and Minting Windows:

The Listening Room NFTicket will be available to claim for free at nvakcollective.xyz beginning May 30, 2023 at 9:00AM PT (to find your local time, see here). The minting windows will be split up into three phases, and each wallet address is limited to a maximum of 5 NFT mints.

Phase 1:

  • Date & Time: Tuesday May 30, 2023 9:00AM PT

  • Allowlisted Holders:

    • Nvak Collective Founding Members

    • Annika Rose Music NFT Holders 

      • Bruises

      • In My Head

      • In My Head Acoustic

      • Lost feat. Jagwar Twin

    • Annika Rose & Nvak Collective Video NFT Holders 

      • “Bruises” Acoustic Performance 

      • “Bruises” Opening Cinematic 

      • “Bruises” Closing Cinematic

    • Annika Rose Genesis NFT Holders

Phase 2:

  • Date & Time: Wednesday May 31, 2023 9:00AM PT

  • Allowlisted Holders:

    • Annika Rose POAP 

    • Nvak Collective POAP 

    • Collectors’ Mashup Token 

    • “Lost” feat. Jagwar Twin Showtime.xyz Pre-Save 

    • “Bruises” AI Remix by WarpSound 

    • “Bruises” Scenes

    • BFF (Opt-in)

    • World of Women 

    • Invest in Music Pass 

    • Ziggy Ziggy Music  

    • Water & Music 

    • Hume Genesis 

    • WavWorld

    • R3vl Creator Grant Applicants

    • Songcamp 

    • Mochi 

    • Angelbaby 

    • LSU (Opt-in)

    • FND (Opt-in)

    • SheFi

    • Glass Pass

    • Women in Music LA Chapter (Opt-in)

    • Dirt Annual Subscription (Opt-in)

    • Finkel

    • Tarot 

    • The Park 

    • Ameet Kanon

    • Jadyn Violet

    • Lyrah

    • Sara Phillips 

    • Sammy Arriaga 

    • Cam Murdoch 

    • Ricky Lake

    • TK

Phase 3:

  • Date & Time: Thursday June 1, 2023 9:00AM PT 

  • Public Sale


We can’t wait to share this project with the world, and we appreciate each and every person who is on this journey with us to merge music, gaming, Unreal Engine 5, and artist storytelling into a worthwhile fan experience. We’re wholeheartedly welcoming community feedback on this first experiment in our Discord, and are committed to innovating upon each rendition we put out.

Play music differently at Nvak Collective.

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