Polynomial Portal: One click deposit from any chain

The Polynomial Portal is an exciting new web3 UX that allows users to deposit from any chain powered by Socket Rocket.

With a single click, Users can deposit Ethereum into a Call Selling Vault from the Ethereum Mainnet.

Polynomial is only available on Optimism — our favourite L2. But liquidity in Web3 is fragmented across multiple chains.

First-time users of Polynomial are overwhelmed when they use it for the first time. The first step she must take is to transfer assets via a bridge to Optimism and then convert those assets into Synths. Afterwards, deposit it into the vault. Polynomial Portal aims to solve this broken UX as a first step toward abstracting such complexity for users.

Using Portal, Users can combine three separate user actions into one. A user can deposit assets from any EVM chain. Under the hood, these assets are first bridged to Optimism. After which, this asset is converted automatically to the asset used in the vault and deposited into the vault.

We are starting with Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon chains. Hop and Optimism native bridge for bridging.

In a way, we are going multichain without going multichain.

Polynomial Portal is live at Polynomial Earn 👇

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