Announcing Polynomial Power Perps (P³)

🎉 We're thrilled to announce Polynomial Power Perps! 🚀

Introduced first by the researchers at Paradigm, Power Perpetuals are derivatives that provide convexity without expiry and strike prices such as ETH², BTC² and others.

E.g., If the price of ETH doubles, the ETH² power perp 4X. Of course, this asymmetric upside doesn't come for free. Those long a power perpetual must regularly pay a premium yield to those short it.

✨ Single place to trade Perps and Power Perps

The platform will introduce a fully on-chain, decentralized AMM.

Polynomial Trade is a single place to trade Perps and Power Perpetuals, all powered by Polynomial Smart Contract Wallets.

🦔 Delta Hedged AMM

Unlike other designs, Polynomial Power Perps will introduce a new delta-hedged AMM. We're excited to be building with Synthetix, using Perps V2 to hedge LP’s from the directional risk introduced by traders.

Our AMM will offer tighter spreads, lower funding rates, and consolidate market liquidity into a single instrument, making it a robust portfolio management and diversification tool.

🔴 Cheap and Fast Transactions

We're excited about the unique combination of scalability, and customizability that Optimism offers and hopeful it will bring Power Perps in DeFi to a whole new level🚀

🪙 Other innovations include

  • Stable Coin Collateralized Short Positions

  • Automated delta neutral strategies such as Kangaroo vault (for sideways market)

  • Multiple markets such as ETH², BTC², OP² and others

The code is undergoing an audit, and we plan to go live at the end of Q2 this year.

Join us as we make the next step to becoming a DeFi derivatives powerhouse. 💪

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