AILayer Mainnet Launch: Make AI and Bitcoin Great again

AILayer Mainnet Introduction

The AILayer Mainnet supports seamless integration and deposits $BTC, $AINN, $SATS, $ORDI, $RATS. With the ongoing Airdrop Points Event, we're excited to introduce a special event: AILayer Dataset Staking Event, both of which offer opportunities to earn points and qualify for the upcoming $ANVM airdrop. Additionally, the mainnet features a block explorer and official bridging tools. Our Layer2 Dataset Staking Event encourages staking, rewarding users with points that contribute towards the $ANVM airdrop.

AILayer Dataset: The More You Stake, The More You Earn

Welcome to the AILayer Dataset Staking Event! Stake specified assets and earn points. This event features a series of incentive rules and point bonuses, aimed to increase the enjoyment of participation. The distribution of a certain percentage of $ANVM token rewards will be determined by points.

  • AILayer Dataset Staking Event Link
  • Tutorial Guide

1. Daily Staking Points Calculation and Distribution Rules

  • Snapshot and Point Distribution Time:

Everyday at 12:00 A.M. UTC, a snapshot of staked assets will be taken, with points distributed at different intervals on the same day.

  • Asset Valuation

The value of staked assets is calculated in BTC as unit, based on the BTC price that day from Coinmarketcap.

  • Points Formula

    Daily TVL Points = Base Points + Invitation Points + Buff Points

    • Base Points = Number of assets staked that day * 10,000 (rounded down).

    • Invitation Points = Directly invited members' base points * 16% + Indirectly invited members' base points * 8%.

    • Buff Points = Computing Power Buff + Card Draw Buff (coming soon).

  • Example of Base Points Calculation

    User XXX stakes assets valued at XXX BTC, earning XXX points daily.

  • Note

    Details on how to earn and calculate invitation and buff points are explained in section 2 and section 3.

2. Invitation Points Earning and Calculation Rules: The More You Invite, The More You Earn

In this staking event, you can either create your own team or invite others, or join someone else’s team. Each team is limited to 1,000 members.

  • How to Invite or Join Another Team:

    Join another team using their invitation code, or share your team's invitation code to invite others.

Whether you're a team leader or a member, inviting others brings extra points. If you invite someone to your team and they stake assets, you'll earn 16% of their daily base points; if the team member who you directly invited invites someone else, you will earn an additional 8% of that member's staked daily base points. Thus, you earn two types of invitation points.

  • Formula

    Invitation Points = Directly invited team members' daily points * 16% + Indirectly invited team members' daily points * 8%

  • Example

    If A invites B, and B invites C, then A earns 16% of B’s staking points and 8% of C’s, and so on for B and C.

3.Buff Points Earning and Calculation Rules: The More BTC Worth of Assets You Stake, The More You Earn

To enhance the engagement in staking, we have established two types of point buff: Computing Power Buff and Card Draw Buff.

Buff Points: Computing Power Buff + Card Draw Buff (coming soon)

  • Computing Power Buff

Teams are assigned different levels of computing power based on their total staked assets, achieving different proportions of point acceleration:

  • Buff Calculation for Normal Assets
Buff Calculation
Buff Calculation
  • Buff Calculation for Buff Assets ($AINN, $SATS, $ORDI, $RATS)
$AINN Buff Calculation
$AINN Buff Calculation
$SATS, $ORDI, $RATS Buff Calculation
$SATS, $ORDI, $RATS Buff Calculation
  • Chart Explanation

When the team's total staked amount reaches any of the above-stated total asset amounts, each team member's points will receive the corresponding buff, with the team leader receiving double.

  • Example

    When the team's total stake reaches 5 BTC, each member gets an additional 0.8% points the next day, and the leader gets 1.6%.

4.Card Draw Buff

Unlock Requirements for Card Drawing

  • The team must have a Total Value Locked (TVL) of at least 0.5 BTC.

Interval Between Draws

  • 1 / TVL (in days)

    If the team stakes 1 BTC, each team member can draw a card once a day.

Cards Type

(1) Time Machine Card

  • A Time Machine card reduces the interval time for the next card draw by 5%.
Time Machine Card
Time Machine Card

(2) Buff Card

  • There are three tiers: S, SR, and SSR
S - Buff Card
S - Buff Card
SR - Buff Card
SR - Buff Card
SSR - Buff Card
SSR - Buff Card
  • Each day, these cards provide an additional bonus of 0.1%, 0.4%, and 1% respectively to the base points during the daily points update.

Please Note:

  • Once the card drawing feature is unlocked, every team member participating in the staking event can draw cards.

  • Each card can only be used once, and will automatically be used during the daily points update. If multiple cards are held, their effects will stack.

AILayer Airdrop Points Event: Retweet.Reply.Invite.Mining

Notably, the AILayer airdrop points event is ongoing and has already attracted over 100,000 participants. Also with joining the event and earning social points can also be used to receive future token airdrops.

Airdrop Points Event

AILayer Highlights:

1.Strong Support from the AINN Community and Market

AILayer is an ecosystem project of the leading AI inscription AINN. It's listed on major exchanges like Bitget,, and Bitmart as it’s also one of the first inscription supported by Binance's web3 wallet, marking a significant achievement. The project is at the heart of AINN there is a thriving community, central to over 100 collaborative ecosystem projects. Positioned as a BTC Layer2 infrastructure, AINNLayer2 aims to enhance these projects, fostering growth across the ecosystem. With a global presence across five continents, including localized members in France, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan, AINN is committed to integrating web3 and AI technologies worldwide.

2.Technological Highlights

AILayer is a Bitcoin Layer2 network featuring high performance, cross-chain support for all assets, and a modular AI subnet. In terms of technological innovation, AILayer has established multiple AI subnets on top of the EVM, laying a solid foundation for bridging AI models, data, and algorithms.

3.Strong Team Background

The AILayer team is composed of members from Ivy League blockchain organizations, as well as seasoned technical experts and entrepreneurs in the AI and web3 fields. They have years of entrepreneurial experience and industry backgrounds, dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of decentralized artificial intelligence and contributing to the construction of a more intelligent and open network world.

4.Ecosystem Building

In terms of ecosystem building, currently, more than 30 ecosystem applications and developers have joined AILayer. They will officially release their products and launch the AI Odyssey event after the AILayer mainnet goes live.

5. Future Outlook

After the mainnet launch, the "AI Odyssey" event will be introduced, which, unlike traditional financial odysseys, will allow users to interact with a series of web3+AI products, such as AI-generated text, images, and videos. In terms of offline events, AILayer will also participate in major events like the Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit, BTC L2 Summit, and Dubai Token2049.

AILayer is dedicated to advancing the foundational elements for decentralized AI, fostering an environment that nurtures the evolution of decentralized AI-based applications. In the future, thousands of AI applications will be deployed on AILayer, and billions of users will utilize AI products on AILayer, jointly creating the ecosystem blueprint for web3+AI.

About AILayer

AILayer, the first decentralized Bitcoin Layer2 network project supporting large-scale AI applications, audited by ScaleBit. Recently, AILayer got strategic investments from notable institutions like Waterdrip Capital and SatoshiLab, reinforcing its position in the BTC ecosystem. AILayer aims to continuously build the infrastructure for decentralized AI and support the development of decentralized AI applications.

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