Introducing DapDap Odyssey Vol. II: Beyond Linea

March 8, 2024 — Today, DapDap is delighted to release the much-awaited Odyssey Vol. II: Beyond Linea. With the success of Odyssey Vol I: Uncharted Realms, where we saw over 30,000 users join DapDap with a 60% engagement in on-chain interactions, we are now continuing on our journey to bring the the most cutting edge Ethereum L2s directly to our users fingertips.

For a period stretching from March 8th to 24th, users will be treated to a curated exploration of Linea's leading dApps—from bridging solutions like Li.Fi and Stargate, to DEXs like Syncswap and HorizonDEX—as we paint a future where seamless user onboarding and engagement in Web3 is not only simple but thrillingly gamified.

Vol II: Beyond Linea is not just an event; it’s an interactive odyssey that propels Linea and its top dApps into the limelight. By aggregating and unifying frontends under a single, intuitive interface, DapDap crafts an unparalleled user experience, fostering effortless navigation and interaction within the Linea ecosystem.

Odyssey vol. II now features a 'flip & match' game
Odyssey vol. II now features a 'flip & match' game

Engage, Play, Prosper – The Odyssey Continues

Odyssey Vol. II: Beyond Linea invites you to a world where onboarding to Web3 is as enjoyable as playing a video game. At the heart of this lies a campaign featuring an absorbing card-flipping game, challenging users to match sets and score big to earn DapDap PTS. Every flip is an opportunity to uncover prizes and delve deeper into the fabric of Linea's DeFi offerings.

We welcome our users to partake in a range of activities designed to familiarise them with Linea's innovations, from flipping cards to sharing their odyssey on social media – each action is a step toward potential rewards and deeper immersion in the ecosystem.

DapDap is honoured to partner with some of the top Linea dApps for Vol. II, including: PancakeSwap, Xfai, HorizonDEX, iZISwap, SyncSwap, Velocore, Lynex Fi, Li.Fi, Stargate, Granary Finance, Layer Bank, and Mendi Finance.

The Mechanics of Engagement

Whether you're amplifying Odyssey Vol. II on Twitter / X, diving into the rich content related to Linea on DapDap, or engaging with dApps – your own actions fuel your odyssey:

  • Social Sharers: Spread the word, tag friends, and collect energy for your journey

  • Curious Onboarders: Visit Linea's home in DapDap, bookmark your favorite dApps, and decode passwords from exclusive Twitter spaces

  • Active Engagers: Bridge, swap, and lend through our partnership network and see your efforts reflected in energy boosts

A Glance at the Future

The Odyssey doesn't end here. As we look toward the horizon, future seasons of the DapDap Odyssey promise to shine a light on various facets of the ever-expanding DeFi universe. With each volume, expect new games, new quests, and new opportunities, all leading to a single destination: DapDap — where attention is all you need.

About DapDap

DapDap is your universal gateway into Ethereum Layer-2s. The platform offers a seamless and accessible interface that streamlines navigation across the world of DeFi and presents it under a single UI. With support for over 150+ dApps, DapDap boasts a comprehensive list of services, featuring trading, liquidity management, asset bridging, and more.

Moreover, recognised for its functional and zero-fee Uniswap v3 gateway, DapDap has become the preferred choice for Decentralised Front-end-as-a-Service (DFaaS)— making interactions across Ethereum L2s effortless and engaging for all users.

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